Friday, December 7, 2012


Happy Friday, Deweese,

Sounds delish! I want to make more soups and/or things in the crockpot this year. Pinterest recipes overwhelm me, so this is great!

We had none other than Lil' Miss staying with us this past weekend. Before I continue can I just share how adorable she is and how big she is?!

I mean, really. That hat.

Whenever we have little ones in our apt I realize how NOT baby proof our living room is. This is perfectly ok and there is absolutely no reason to baby proof it (I promise, Mom), but it still gets me thinking that instead of just the calming colors, it might be time to refocus the living room for a little more comfort, too.  Our overall goal was and still is to create a retreat from the craziness outside of our apartment. The calm colors have done that but I'm starting think that needs to be equally matched by comfort to really achieve this retreat. Ok, so refresher, here's where we are right now:

I mean, you might want to nap there. But there's also a ton of hard edges. So, now take a look at this. So stylish AND soft/cozy!

Image via Emily Henderson, Photographer: Bonnie Tsang

That's a custom slipcover for the bottom of the couch. I love it. Makes the couch one-of-a-kind and creates an interesting tension between the modern lines of the couch and bohemian print. I'm a fan.

I'm really inspired by that room and ever since I saw it I've been thinking about accessories that might up the cozy factor. Here's what I've really liked so far:

No-so cliche leather pouf from Rugs USA

Throw with HUGE pom poms from Anthro. My boss bought this and I fell in love with it. You gotta see it in person.

Round basket to counteract all those straight lines.
That's it! Have a great weekend -- you should curl up under a blanket with some tea. Oh and for some more coziness, I always head to Honey and Jam.