Monday, November 12, 2012



Veteran's Day is one of my favorite holidays, because I get to celebrate one of my favorite people, my brother! Donn  has been in the Army for 22 years now, or most of my life. He's a Colonel with the 75th Ranger Regiment and we couldn't be prouder (remember this cake?).

A few weekends ago Jeff and I headed to Fort Benning, GA to meet my parents for a visit with my brother and sister-in-law before my brother deployed to Afghanistan. I realized that while I've spent the last 22 years touring Army posts all over the country, most Americans never really get visit one. So I took some pictures to share with you. I've seen my fair share of posts, and this is one of my favorites.

The new gates as you enter post.

The General's House. Whoa, gorgeous.

Benning is home to the US Army Airborne School.

This is where you learn how to jump out of a plane. My palms sweat when I see these.

Jeff on the ropes. Part of the famous Ranger obstacle course.

When touring post, you may see one of these which always cracks me up.

But in fact, there are a lot of tanks, stationary and mobile.

Fort Benning is pretty big, sometimes you have to stop for fries and a Diet Coke while taking the grand tour.

My brother's office.

Rangers lead the way!

A memorial inside Regimental HQ of the fallen. You may have heard of this particular Ranger. 
And if not, read up.

While there is lots of Army green and brown, tanks and courses, Fort Benning is also a complete community where people live, kids go to school and play little league! There are also the loveliest homes. This gorgeous Spanish Mission home is similar to where my brother and sister-in-law live!

The inside of their home is beautiful as well. Here's a display of all the places they've lived with the Army. The little house reads: Home is wherever the Army takes you. They've lived in CA, WA, KS, GA, FL, LA, KY and Korea. Not bad.

And there are restaurants and movie theaters and bowling alleys and a golf course!

And lots of this!

Fort Benning is also home to the new National Infantry Museum. Fascinating stuff.

For Christmas, my parents got my sister-in-law Yongmi, a brick on the walk at the museum.

Immortalized as one helluva Army spouse.

That's the tour! Hope you enjoyed it.