Friday, November 30, 2012



Your table setting is gorgeous!! Congratulations on a Thanksgiving VERY well done. I'm so impressed and also thrilled you got to use your china.

The big news in our house is that Nick and I just finished our holiday shopping. Yup, that's right. No last minute stressin' over here! It feels great and was actually easy and fun. Almost my entire family has a birthday in November, December, or January, so these times can be a little hectic in terms of gift giving. But I've got it down to a science!

The first thing we do is update our shared google spreadsheet that shows us what we got for everyone last year. We also use this to create a budget. It might seem kinda crazy/geeky, but all it takes is the sinking feeling of one forgotten birthday to let the nerd factor disappear and to forever rely heavily on the power of a spreadsheet.

This year, we didn't just budget on the spreadsheet...we also budgeted via! That's right, Deweese, Nick and I took your advice and recently signed up. It's awesome! Thanks for pointing us to this site. (Readers: learn more about mint right here).

Feeling organized, we pulled out the credit card. Without giving anything away, we did a lot of shopping online. Earlier this year, Nick and I signed up for Amazon Prime (aka that thing where you pay $80/year for free Amazon shipping on Prime products...which ends up being most products we want to buy). The "free" shipping allows us to buy gifts when it's convenient without always worrying about combining everything under one shipment or waiting for free shipping deals. I also had many things shipped directly to our parents' houses.

Finally, wrapping! I know some people find wrapping silly...but the minor crafter in me LOVES it. I seriously look forward to the one night a year where I watch a holiday movie, pull out all the wrapping, sit on the floor and wrap all the presents. I can't explain why I love this so much but I do.

This year I purchased a HUGE roll of craft paper and some baker's twine. I'm going to use regular white card stock to make gift tags in the shape of snowflakes. Pretty simple and affordable!

One trick that works for me is to wrap things in boxes and without any bows. This allows me to wrap ahead of time and pack them by stacking them together. The boxes look fresh under the tree no matter how long they had to travel to get there! Here's an example of what I did in a previous year:

Simple, packable, and finished upon arrival. No tissue paper to fluff up or bow to retie.

So, what are your gift giving tricks? Also, click the link to read about Deweese's oh-so inspiring small business holiday pledge last year!

Good tidings,

PS: Mint or Amazon Prime did not sponsor this post or any post on 75th + Sedgwick! I just actually really like these tools. And when you really like them, it can be hard to not sound like a commercial!


  1. Whoa, finished and it isn't even December 1. I'm impressed!

  2. My god, we are spreadsheet-loving, early-shopping nerd twins! I love it! I'm done too, spreadsheet is all up to date, and all I really have to do is wrap the gifts I had sent directly to CT. :)

  3. Can't wait to see this year's wrapping designs! I'm sure it will look gorgeous!

  4. Done by Dec 1 is more than impressive! You inspired me to wrap what I do have bought - thank you!

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