Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Hiya D!

A show that comes recommended and stars Connie Britton? Sold.

So, I've got big news! Nick and I are taking a trip this holiday season to San Francisco!  I couldn't be more excited. Other than our honeymoon, we've never taken a big trip together just us.

 Can you imagine that? So incredible! Gorgeous photo taken by Paul Ferney. Check out the whole thing on Oh Happy Day!
Nick and I knew we wanted to take a trip this year, and over lots of fun conversations we decided on San Francisco. Lots of people have told us we'd love it, so we are really excited!

The only thing is...we need recommendations! Lots of 'em. We'll be there for a while, even over New Year's Eve (!), so we're up for anything!

Here are the things I'd love recommendations for:
  • Restaurants and bars (duh)
  • Shopping -- not really to buy, but more to experience some San Francisco shopping districts
  • Landmarks (I've never been!) 
  • Activities! I've read there's a place where you can make custom fortune cookies
  • Day trips. We'd love to see some scenery and are considering a wine country trip
  • Oh my gosh, you have to go to_________. 
Thanks in advance everyone. I will take all of your recommendations to heart. We're go-getters on vacation (with some nice intermixing of long afternoons at coffee shops and bars), so we're up for as much as we can! I've even started a pinterest board.

Couldn't this be the 75th and Sedgwick official car? Taken by instagrammer Nikilips


PS: Travel guide for Roma. And part two.
PPS: Day trips in the mid-Atlantic! 


  1. Food: Ike's Place (Sandwiches) and Bi-Rite Creamery (Ice Cream) are both in in the Castro district and are both WELL worth the line. SO GOOD!

    Also, you must stop in at the Buena Vista Cafe (near Fisherman's warf) for one of their famous irish coffees.

    Bar: check out the Comstock Saloon! There was a fantastic band playing the last time I was there.

    Activities: the bridge! Alcatraz island! ride the cable cars! check out Lombard St. (the super crooked road) Ghiradelli chocolate factory!

    Shopping: Union Square

    Love the blog!!

  2. Thank you SO much, KerryMarie! This is fantastic. I'm noting everything!