Monday, November 19, 2012


Hi Deweese,

Can you believe it's almost Thanksgiving? I can't. It really snuck up on me! It feels like time is moving so fast lately and it makes me feel pretty frazzled. I'd like to hold on to fall a little longer, but I know that as soon Thanksgiving comes and goes its all over. I love the fall. The air feels so crisp and clean after summer's haze and it is so wonderful to be outside and not be too hot or too cold. The best.

I had a great fall and I thought one way to hold on to it is to share some of my instagram photos with you. I thought by now I'd be over instagram but I can honestly say it is my favorite social media. I just never get sick of it and love checking it throughout the day! So please indulge me as I attempt to slow down the clock and dream of candy corn, cider, slippers and pie.


PS: Doesn't this look like the perfect transitional jacket?


  1. This post made me hungry! I'm with you - if I had to choose only one form of social media it'd be instagram for sure.

    1. you are right... You can send these types of gifts via