Friday, November 2, 2012


Hi Everyone,

Well, I had a whole post written up for today but decided instead to just give a quick recap about Sandy here in Manhattan instead. It feels weird to be writing about anything else! I hope that everyone is ok.

Nick and I are SO lucky to have power. We have been working from home all week, as both of our offices are in Soho, which remains without power.  Nick's in the living room and I'm camped out in the kitchen:

And shockingly Ernie is sleeping:

Last night we walked into the darkness below 39th street. We tried to take pictures of it but it was totally impossible to capture. Here are some photographs that almost do it justice, but it is actually much darker than that. It's really hard to describe it but it was one the eeriest things I have ever experienced. I'll never forget it! And I spent just a few minutes down there. It was a huge reminder (among many) of how lucky we were/are.

The coverage is heartbreaking and makes my heart race at times. But, there's also been a lot of laughter through the anxiety, too. Here are two clips from Jon Stewart that I have to share. Click on the image of each below to be taken to each video. Between the two of them, you will now know every joke being told in NYC right now:

Also, I found Joanna Goddard's hurricane story so interesting!

Hope everyone is ok!


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