Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Hello Blythe!

What a magical time to be in NYC. I remember you taking me to see the store windows and being so impressed. I take it your not going to Rockefeller Center to watch the tree lighting tonight?

So glad you had a good Thanksgiving! Nice to go to Florida in November. I loved visiting my brother in Tampa for Thanksgiving a few times... the weather! We had a great time here in DC. The turkey on the pie btw is a from a cookie cutter my Mother-in-Law brought with her, she's pretty clever.

Remember when I wrote you about dressing the table for Thanksgiving? I ended up not spending that much time preparing, I knew I could take it to the extreme and really go overboard, so I didn't even think about it until a few days before. My Mom and Jeff's Mom helped me pick some things out at World Market, we got some flowers and used some large votive candles we already had and that was it!

I was really in love with this photo from the previous post, so that's what I tried to immulate. Though, while I love tall tappered candles, I prefer a lower setting, so you can see everyone's face at a big table.

And here's our version...

From World Market we purchased a large spring green table cloth, orange ramekins (we filled with candles from Ikea) and gold etched votives similar to the picture below. We added bunches of orange tulips to wine glasses that we already had and I threw on some scented pine cones I picked up at Whole Foods. We also used our wedding china for the first time which was just as amazing as I imaged. So fancy! Unfortunately I didn't take any good shots with all the candles lit!

This is Jeff's first turkey (25 lbs). It was amazing, he did a terrific job!

Remember the shower we threw for my cousin Anna? This is her little one Abby!

Baby Abby with her new cousin, Baby Luke! My cousin Lil' Q on the left, and her Mom, my Aunt Bridgette, on the right.
The whole gang!

Gobble gobble,