Wednesday, October 31, 2012



Thanks for The Civil Wars suggestion, Jeff and I definitely listened to them over our hurricane-induced four day weekend. What a whopper Sandy was! Glad she's gone, because for a hot minute I wasn't sure she was ever going to leave!


With all the storm commotion, I actually kinda forgot about Halloween. But I was inspired to share a little something which I think is fitting for a scary holiday... my new obsession: black walls. I literally want to paint every wall black. 

BLACK, really? What would posess you? Isn't Kendall Charcoal enough? Well, it was... until I started seeing images like these...

Jenna Lyon's famous master suite, the image that started it all!

My absolute favorite. This is happening in my next home.

I love how everything POPS off the walls.

Super sexy and sophisticated

I think these walls are technically navy, but you get the point. 

The feminine print on the wallpaper softens this up a bit. So striking.

Who knew black was so cozy?!

Fab in an entry hall.

So, have I spooked you enough? Are you down with black walls or am I going solo on this?



  1. My guest bath is black and I LOVE it! It looks great in a small space or on one or two walls of a room.

  2. Oh! I'm so jealous. I think black is MADE FOR little bathrooms!

    1. i agree! the black is great, but the rest of it feels off to me somehow, not sure if it's the accessories or what...

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