Friday, October 19, 2012



HA! Ya gotta love that Sarah Silverman one! Hilarious.

So, have you seen this documentary?

You have to watch it! And bonus: it is on Netflix Instant Queue!

Nick and I stayed in this past Saturday. We dragged the comforter from our bed out to the couch and watched movies. I'd heard a lot about Jiro Dreams of Sushi, but had no idea how beautiful it was. I highly recommend this documentary to anyone, even if you don't love documentaries. There are subtitles, but that's the only warning I'll give. Just watch! The textures will have you captivated and Jiro will make you laugh out loud and also feel completely irritated. It's fun!

Here's the trailer if those images don't grab you enough already.

Happy Friday!

PS: The photo of Jiro is via this site.
The sushi shot is via this site.

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  1. I saw a preview for this a long time ago, but totally forgot about! So glad you liked it, can't wait to watch!