Friday, October 26, 2012



Wow! I think Brinie nailed the sofa and not just because of those lovely nail heads. Bravo!

I know it's not even Halloween yet, but I'm already having dreams of Thanksgiving! AND avoiding the fact that Jeff and I still don't have costumes for a party tomorrow night.  My DC cousins and I are hosting some of our Kentucky and Massachusetts relatives for Turkey Day this year and I couldn't be more thrilled. It means I don't have to pack a bag for a holiday which is huge AND DC is a ghost town during the holidays which I love. So far we are around 15 adults and 2 of my favorite babies... plus anyone we pick up along the way!

Right now I'm primarily focused on the table dressing... we'll get to the cornbread dressing later. The thing is, I've never really dressed a holiday table and I cannot for the life of me arrange flowers. It's so much harder than it looks! I'd also love to use our china which I love and haven't used yet (see, travelling for holidays). I started looking for some inspiration images online...

I find all of these really appealing, but I'm particularly drawn to the orange and green setting with tall tapered candles (second to last photo). I think it would look great with our metallic china. You can  check out my Thanksgiving pinterest board for more inspiration.

What do you think? What has your experience with dressing tables been? Any pointers from our readers? I'm a novice on a mission, all advice is welcome!

Gobble Gobble,

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