Wednesday, October 17, 2012



I'm totally digging Amanda's blog. Thanks for sharing! In fact, I was with Lil' Q Monday night and she was quoting from Peek-A-Booze!

Every year around this time when the leaves are turning and we can finally sleep with the windows open, I start to get this hankering to knock on strangers doors and remind them to vote. That feeling quickly passes, but after 7 years in politics, fall always reminds me of yard signs and Get-Out-The-Vote. Though all of the negative ads and annoying calls can really wear you down, I do LOVE all of the hysterical videos that come out each year (well, the even years anyway).

Here are some of my favorites so far. Definitely NSFW without headphones. Please send more my way!

Do you have a favorite political parody so far?

Also ticklin' my fancy this morning: Etsy is now offering gift cards! The owners of my favorite shop in DC are featured in a home tour on Refinery29 and I'm super psyched about episode 2 of Nashville tonight.  I heart Tammy Taylor!



  1. D - first - so glad you're watching Nashville. TT4LIFE. I didn't like Hayden before and now she's messing with Tammy?! No.... Also - have you seen this video? I'm always one for a catchy tune remade:

  2. Lori, that's a great one! Thanks for sharing, I hadn't seen it yet!