Wednesday, October 31, 2012



Thanks for The Civil Wars suggestion, Jeff and I definitely listened to them over our hurricane-induced four day weekend. What a whopper Sandy was! Glad she's gone, because for a hot minute I wasn't sure she was ever going to leave!


With all the storm commotion, I actually kinda forgot about Halloween. But I was inspired to share a little something which I think is fitting for a scary holiday... my new obsession: black walls. I literally want to paint every wall black. 

BLACK, really? What would posess you? Isn't Kendall Charcoal enough? Well, it was... until I started seeing images like these...

Jenna Lyon's famous master suite, the image that started it all!

My absolute favorite. This is happening in my next home.

I love how everything POPS off the walls.

Super sexy and sophisticated

I think these walls are technically navy, but you get the point. 

The feminine print on the wallpaper softens this up a bit. So striking.

Who knew black was so cozy?!

Fab in an entry hall.

So, have I spooked you enough? Are you down with black walls or am I going solo on this?


Monday, October 29, 2012



Reporting LIVE from Manhattan as FRANKENSTORM approaches!

Nick and I have lots of water, flashlights, and chocolate. I feel prepared.

If you are like me and are at home today, you might feel inspired to try some new music! I plan to have the candles burning, the tea brewing, and The Civil Wars playing (as long we have power!).

Ok, The Civil Wars might not be that new to some people... I think they are actually pretty famous. But they are fairly new to me and I'm digging the sound. Big time!

They are an American folk signing duo. What makes them great is that they are very bare-bones in terms of the their music. It's basically their two voices and a guitar.

Their harmonies are so amazing that it makes the music just as complex despite the minimal instruments. I love it. Their sound is super haunting, which makes them perfect for this time of year!

Their title track Barton Harlow is great. I also love their song "I've Got This Friend" and "20 Years" is also amazingly spooky.  You can even download their live album for free.

Check them out! And stay snuggled in, East Coasters!


PS:  Another "On Repeat" recommendation. And another one!

Friday, October 26, 2012



Wow! I think Brinie nailed the sofa and not just because of those lovely nail heads. Bravo!

I know it's not even Halloween yet, but I'm already having dreams of Thanksgiving! AND avoiding the fact that Jeff and I still don't have costumes for a party tomorrow night.  My DC cousins and I are hosting some of our Kentucky and Massachusetts relatives for Turkey Day this year and I couldn't be more thrilled. It means I don't have to pack a bag for a holiday which is huge AND DC is a ghost town during the holidays which I love. So far we are around 15 adults and 2 of my favorite babies... plus anyone we pick up along the way!

Right now I'm primarily focused on the table dressing... we'll get to the cornbread dressing later. The thing is, I've never really dressed a holiday table and I cannot for the life of me arrange flowers. It's so much harder than it looks! I'd also love to use our china which I love and haven't used yet (see, travelling for holidays). I started looking for some inspiration images online...

I find all of these really appealing, but I'm particularly drawn to the orange and green setting with tall tapered candles (second to last photo). I think it would look great with our metallic china. You can  check out my Thanksgiving pinterest board for more inspiration.

What do you think? What has your experience with dressing tables been? Any pointers from our readers? I'm a novice on a mission, all advice is welcome!

Gobble Gobble,

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Hi Deweese,

Your photos are stunning!! I love the one of the mums especially. Looks like a gorgeous weekend.

I too had an adventurous weekend! Nick and I were up in Boston visiting lots of friends. Between growing up in Southern NH and randomly having a lot of New England friends from college, Boston can feel like the campaign a good way! It was wonderful to laugh with old friends and get to see their adorable babies.

Speaking of old friends, everyone remember our dear old friend Brinie and her chipotle burrito-inspired sofa?! If not, you gotta read her story here. It's a little long but its HILARIOUS!

In case you missed it, here was her old couch!

And here is her brand new SOFA!

Isn't she a  beauty? It also helps that she sits in their brand new apartment with gorgeous windows! They decided on the Boston Interiors Vaughn sleeper sofa. Here are Brinie's notes on how they chose it:
  • We knew we wanted a sleeper sofa; we knew we didn't want to spend $2500 on it! 
  • Boston interiors is local so we could go check out the couch before buying. 
  • We liked the three cushions...
  • We also liked that it has some Eco friendly fill (allegedly)! 
To Brinie we say: BRAVO! Love, love this sofa. And you guys, I slept on the pull out mattress and it was actually comfortable. I'm not lying. I could have left that part out. I didn't feel any bars in my back whatsoever! 

Here are some more detail shots:

Awesome, right? Congrats Brinie and Rob! And thanks for Phoneing-A-Friend! To all you Phone-A-Frienders, send us your updates! Even if you went with something completely different. We're dying to see!

Finally, as an added bonus... I just had to share one adorable lil' extra. Brinie's daughter Georgia:

Now how sweet is SHE?!


Monday, October 22, 2012

Shenandoah and Three Fox Vineyards


I'm so glad you recommended Jiro Dreams of Sushi. I saw a preview a while ago, but then totally forgot about it. Can't wait to watch it, and good to know it's on Netflix!

Jeff and I have had two of the loveliest fall weekends lately and I need to bore you with the photos. Two weekends ago we went hiking out in Shenandoah National Park with our friends the BBacks. CBack got a great suggestion from a colleague to hike the Little Devils Stairs trail which was actually pretty rigorous and totally beautiful.  Fortunately we stopped at Cracker Barrel on the way, so our bellies were nice and fortified. After the hike (and my quads cooled down a little) we headed up into the park to Skyline Drive to take in all the fall glory. It's truly incredible that you can be so close to DC and feel so far removed. Good for the soul.

Butterfly on the trail

View from Skyline Drive

This past weekend, Jeff's parents were in town and after visiting the newest addition to our family, Baby Luke!, we headed west again, this time to visit a Virginia winery. Virginia has really started to make a name for itself in wine world (ok, it has a ways to go in my mind), but Jeff and I had never been out to this nearby wine country. On the recommendation of a friend, we drove 50 miles out to Three Fox Vineyards. After a nice tasting, we walked around a bit in the beautiful sunshine and admired the bucolic (my favorite word) setting.

God I love MUMS!

Hammocks down by the stream. Obvi.

Jeff and his Dad played a friendly game of cornhole.

Little fire pits scattered all over to keep our fingers warm. Also lots of marshmellow roasting!

The Quigleys

The other Quigleys

Picnic table on the hill. Apparently this is a popular spot to get engaged. Duh.
View from top of hill. Those are cows in the distance!

I have a million more pics to share, but these were some of my favorites. Next time you're in town, we'll have to head out here. If not for the wine (I mean, it was fine) for the scenery!

Hope you had a great weekend!


Friday, October 19, 2012



HA! Ya gotta love that Sarah Silverman one! Hilarious.

So, have you seen this documentary?

You have to watch it! And bonus: it is on Netflix Instant Queue!

Nick and I stayed in this past Saturday. We dragged the comforter from our bed out to the couch and watched movies. I'd heard a lot about Jiro Dreams of Sushi, but had no idea how beautiful it was. I highly recommend this documentary to anyone, even if you don't love documentaries. There are subtitles, but that's the only warning I'll give. Just watch! The textures will have you captivated and Jiro will make you laugh out loud and also feel completely irritated. It's fun!

Here's the trailer if those images don't grab you enough already.

Happy Friday!

PS: The photo of Jiro is via this site.
The sushi shot is via this site.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012



I'm totally digging Amanda's blog. Thanks for sharing! In fact, I was with Lil' Q Monday night and she was quoting from Peek-A-Booze!

Every year around this time when the leaves are turning and we can finally sleep with the windows open, I start to get this hankering to knock on strangers doors and remind them to vote. That feeling quickly passes, but after 7 years in politics, fall always reminds me of yard signs and Get-Out-The-Vote. Though all of the negative ads and annoying calls can really wear you down, I do LOVE all of the hysterical videos that come out each year (well, the even years anyway).

Here are some of my favorites so far. Definitely NSFW without headphones. Please send more my way!

Do you have a favorite political parody so far?

Also ticklin' my fancy this morning: Etsy is now offering gift cards! The owners of my favorite shop in DC are featured in a home tour on Refinery29 and I'm super psyched about episode 2 of Nashville tonight.  I heart Tammy Taylor!


Monday, October 15, 2012


Happy Monday Everyone!

Hope you all enjoyed last week's Phone-A-Friend. Deweese and I have a special place in our hearts for all of our Phone-A-Frienders (see our list of alum here and just email us to join the club!).  So when one of them starts a blog it is REALLY exciting!

Here's the scoop...Amanda is an old friend of mine from my DC days and one of our first ever Phone-A-Frienders. If you don't remember her living room, read all about it here. Since then, Amanda and her husband had a baby! This provided Amanda with loads of hilarious material by which to start a blog. I have always hugely admired her hilarious but also very skilled writing abilities, so I knew this would be good! Check it out:

peek-a-booze is all about adding some laughter and honesty to the whole having-a-baby thang. With so many of our readers being new moms (any dads out there?!), I thought it would be great share. Even if you aren't a new mom, you'll probably find this blog really funny. While reading my favorite post so far, Poor Prior Planning, I almost spit out the water I was drinking. Twice.

Click here for little bit more info on Amanda and the blog itself. And here's a picture of Amanda and her seriously adorable son. Which was half of the reason I wanted to write this post... I mean, look that lil' guy!!!


Congratulations, Amanda! Can't wait to read more.

PS: Did anyone watch the live Space Jump?! GAAAAH! I was covering my eyes the whole time...well the last 9 minutes of it, anyway. ;)

Friday, October 12, 2012


Hello Readers!

It's been a while, but we're back in action with a new Phone-A-Friend! If you're new to the blog, check out our library of Phone-A-Friends here.

Anne (and her partner Meredith) are our dear friends in Maine, you may remember them from this post. They've just moved to a lovely new home in Portland, ME and want to punch up their bedroom. And that's just our style.

Here's what they're lookin' for...

We need your help!  As Blythe knows, we just moved into a house we affectionately call the Purple Wonder.  Besides the color, it’s a pretty basic 1930s New Englander on the outside, with some Craftsman features inside, which are what really sold it for us.  That and the location: it’s close to a cute, dog-friendly beach.

I start with that description because those are two themes that we’re trying to maintain as we set up our bedroom.  We want to stay consistent with the Craftsman style and color scheme, but also love the beachy/nautical feel of our neighborhood.  Can the two coexist?

We have a few ideas for the room: the one I’m really excited about is having a bed frame made out of old wooden doors from the house that I found in the basement.

Okay, I’ll leave you to it, with one last thought.  We cohabitate with two professional shedders and bed hogs: Marley the cat and Hamlin the dog.  As gorgeous as white bedding is, it is totally impractical for us.  We’re so excited to see what you two come up with.  Thanks in advance for your help!!

Anne (and Meredith!)

Here are photos from the sale of the house. Important to note, none of the furniture is theirs. We narrowed down their list to a few specifics: paint, rug, bedside tables, bedding and lighting. And of course, we threw in a few extras for good measure.

Because we wanted to keep the Craftsman feel of the house, which includes all that gorgeous wood trim, we started looking for an inspiration photo that had some beach/nautical components (not too themey though!), but plenty of wood accents.

Here's what we came up with...

Photograph by Paul Castello via One King's Lane

And here are our finds...

  • Paint: With all that beautiful wood trim, we decided to keep the walls really crisp. Benjamin Moore Super White (RMI-02) is just that. Deweese and the bossettes just painted their office Super White and can assure you, it's crisp, not clinical.
  • Don't forget the accessories. This lovely reclaimed ring box is a great example of bringing more natural elements into the room to reinforce that beachy feel.
  • Our favorite fiddle leaf fig is a must to bring the outdoors in, and oh so chic!
  • For the window treatments, we went with a very basic matchstick roman shade. You can find these online and in your local home depot. The Shade Store also has some great options.
  • We sourced this rug from Indian Dhurries, but there are lots of options online. A big bold white and navy stripe is a must to complete this look.  
  • Ok, so this Gumball lamp is from a children's store, but that doesn't make it any less awesome. It's simple and fun.
  • Sham: Navy Border Frame Standard Sham from Serena & Lily (white, we couldn't resist!) But a navy one works, too. 
  • Green table like this (sorry, but the one we sourced is no longer available!). It's a little less modern but still gives that lovely color. 
  • Accent pillow to pull in some more green. 
  • Quilt. We like the muted/antique look to this quilt in contrast to the rug. Hopefully this look is pet-friendly!
  • Wicker stool: We like the idea of doubling this up and placing two at the foot of the bed! 

Hope you like it! Pretty please show us what you end up doing? 

PS: Anne and Meredith were in an incredible video that we'd like to share. It is important to us to keep this blog mainly about throw pillows, but this was just too special not to share: