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Why didn't you send me a cookie??? Those look amazing. Thank you giving us the insider tips! I would have also shortened the fridge time. Too impatient.

So, over the weekend the E's were in town and it was a blast! I thought I'd share some of the highlights with you...

First of all, we ate well. One night we dined at Rosemary's, a restaurant with a rooftop herb garden that I would definitely recommend. For dinner I had pasta with lemon and pickled chillies. Sounds weird, but it was delicious! Check out the beautiful atmosphere: 

Black, White, and Green Entrance that I loved.
Photo by Travellers T on Yelp.
Photo: Brian Park via
Stairs Leading to Rooftop Herb Garden
Photo by Travellers T on Yelp

Rooftop Herb Garden
Photo by Lauren G. on Yelp

I think I enjoyed the white, black and green color scheme so much because it reminded me of some changes I made to my own kitchen recently. Update coming soon!

Then on Saturday we went to the famous Peter Luger's. All this vegetarian can say is: GREAT Cesar salad! Actually...I did have a few bites of steak and it was really good. Seriously.

Other than eating, on Saturday we had a nice morning walking around a surprisingly uncrowded MoMA. Among other wanderings, we checked out an exhibition I really liked called Century of the Child: Growing by Design, 1900-2000.  Here's the NYTimes review.

The exhibition explores the "modernist preoccupation with children and childhood as a paradigm for progressive design thinking." (from the exhibition website).

The exhibition had me thinking about childhood as a concept rather than a fact of life... and more interestingly, how it was once an unrecognized concept. Whoa. In lighter news, the exhibition featured many of the props from Pee-wee's Playhouse. So that was awesome.  I forgot how much I watched that show!

At the entrance of the exhibition there is a table, chair, and high chair that were made large enough to give adults the child-like experience of moving in and out of furniture:

That's me and DH demonstrating said chairs. We also both wore striped shirts and cuffed jeans, so a photo op was a must!

The exhibition ended with a quote that I found so interesting I typed it down in my phone so I could remember it:

Play will be to the 21st century what work was to the industrial age--our dominant way of knowing, doing and creating value. 

Pay Kane, The Play Ethic, 2004. 

Gotta say, I love living the era of play.


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