Wednesday, September 5, 2012



It's been so long! Thanks to our readers for being patient with our blogcation. We were out enjoying the last gasps of summer (as my boss puts it). Hope you were too!

As wonderful as the last few weeks have been, I have really been looking forward to fall. Of course Miss September has different ideas and it's soupy and muggy here. Still icing the coffee down this way.

This past Labor Day weekend, we journeyed with our very good friends the BBacks to the Delaware shore. Mr. B's Mom has retired to a lovely community near Lewes, DE and we spent the weekend touring the area. More on the whole trip later, but I wanted to show you this awesome painting I got while perusing an antique store in Milton, DE.

That's right, Paint by Number! I'm in love. I think actually the first time I ever really heard about this gorgeous 1950s fad was at Nick's parents' place on the shore. Don't they have one hanging. I remember thinking it was just the coolest thing, and have seen them since, but never so lovely, and for only $5!

I think I'll put it in our bedroom as the colors coordinate nicely (maybe too much?). I'll send pics when I get it in place.

Want to know more about the paint by number craze? The American History museum had an exhibit about 10 years ago that I missed! And according to wikipedia, there are a few paint by numbers in the Museum of Modern Art collection, too!

So what do you think? Does this count as original art at home?

Here are some more examples...

You can get this lovely sailboat on etsy for $48 (WAY more than the $5 I paid).

An old Esquire magazine cover. A birthday card for LBJ!

Don't worry, you can still order the paint by number kits featuring your favorite teen idols!

If I ordered a kit, I think I would go with this porch or peacock, but change the colors up to make it a little more fun.

I kind of like the idea of collecting a few and hanging them together... but I think everything else around should be super mod.

For instance... I love this gallery wall, but with the antique bar cart and chair, it goes Grandma pretty quickly, and not in a chic Anthropologie way.

Same idea. This is screaming country, which isn't necessarily bad if that's your taste, but it doesn't let the art shine.

This on the other hand is killer. All white and mod, juxtaposed with the vintage paint by numbers. Nice.

Love this one too.

What do you think about a whole wall? I'm mixed.

Thanks for introducing me to paint by number all those years ago!



  1. Love these but agree that it's all in how you style it -don't want it too grandma! Nice to meet you last week, neighbor (Sedgwick)!

  2. Thanks, Stefan! So great to meet you too! Headed to your blog now!

  3. I LOVE paint-by-numbers. Thanks for posting photos of them incorporated in modern rooms. It makes me want to pick up some kits to paint my own!

    I think the whole wall paint-by-numbers would be more successful if the colors were more vivid. I also think the dated furniture paired with it brings the painting down.

  4. I was conflicted by the paint-by-number wall as well. In the end, I think the color choices were in balance with the room, and the almost graphic look brought a bit of personality into an otherwise lacking arrangement.

  5. I totally agree with you guys, the rest of the room is so distracting. The PBN could have been a success but I just can't get past the rest of the room!