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What a weekend you had! Sounds delicious and I love the over-sized (or right-sized?) furniture. So fun!

Yesterday my parents moved out of the house they've lived in for the last 20 years. WHAT! I know, that's a long time. They've bought a house in the next neighborhood over... you may remember me plotting their new decor here, and sourcing wallpaper for the powder room here.

I've known the move was coming for some time, and I feel pretty good about it. Sure I'm nostalgic, we moved there when I was 9 and had glasses and braces and a mean cat named Cadet Raleigh. 

This is the house where we've celebrated dozens of holidays and Derbys.

Where we brought lil' Macaroni home...

... and where this flag has been hanging for my brother since 2003 (too long).

I'll definitely miss the old house, but I'm really thrilled about the new house too! I think it's a great move for my parents and has loads of decor opportunities. DUH!

So to keep a little piece of the house for my own, for my birthday this past year, I asked my parents for a gift certificate to have a portrait made of the ole' homestead. I think it's a fun way to keep this house, where we made so many wonderful memories, a little in the present, not just the past.

I got the idea because my Great Aunt Ruth (who turns 100 in April!) has a giant oil painting of the farm house in rural Kentucky she and my Grandmother grew up in hanging in her living room. The house no longer exists, but what a special piece of art to pass through the generations.

Here are some examples of home portraiture I found that I love. They come in all mediums: water color, pastel, oil and even fabric appliqué in case that tickles your fancy.

Via Picket Fence Portraits

Via Paul Young Studio

Via Couture Maps by Stephannie Barba

Via Carol Skinger

Via Miss Black Eyes

Via Lynn Lukas Designs

And this is the artist I've chosen. I haven't ordered it yet, of course. 
Via Rebekka Seale Illustration

Here's the photo of the old house I think I'd like the portrait made from. The house is in one of hundreds of suburbs in Louisville, but after living in DC for 12 years (!), it seems practically bucolic!

And here's a video I ran across of an artist drawing a home portrait. It's bonkers.

So what do you think? Would you have a portrait of your childhood home hanging in your home? Is it old-fashioned?

Happy Friday!

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