Wednesday, September 12, 2012



It's so true about restaurant design! There are a bunch of places here in NYC with the same exact look.  So glad you had a delicious meal out. There are few things better than that!

Nick and I also recently had a night out on the town. Last week we had dinner reservations for a date night at 8:45pm (at Empellon Tacqueria if you are wondering. YUM).) and therefore had some time to kill after work and before dinner. Well it just so happened it was the globally celebrated Fashion's Night Out! Nick and I both work in SoHo, and so I was intrigued having never really experienced the event in one of it's epicenters.  BUT I was also nervous about what I heard were crazy slash "get me outta here" inducing crowds.

Verdict: it was fun! We stayed on the side streets and it was a liiiittle less crowded. It was also wild to watch women in some of the highest heels I've ever seen navigate the cobblestones. Check out some of our pics...

We literally stepped outside and saw this:

 And this...

But mostly the crowd was made up of small packs of women dressed in great day-to-night get ups:

To create a destination/goal, we decided to wait in line to check out the first ever Piperlime store and see Ms. Rachel Zoe.

I want her jewelry. That is all.



  1. That necklace is from her new jewelry line - all her pieces are amazing and completely envy inducing.

  2. i love it too! but not that much (maybe i just need to use it as inspirtation and make it!):