Friday, September 21, 2012


Hi Everyone,

So following up with Deweese and her awesome fall fashion finds, today I'm sharing my fall fashion wish list!

While I would love an entirely new wardrobe, what I'm really focused on are shoes and accessories. Those are the things that tend to last several seasons for me, but it is time for me to update! Of course, I could use some new jeans and tops and so I've included a few of my favorites in those departments, too.

In terms of style, this season I am going for:

  • Super saturated jewel tones
  • Black and/or gold 
  • A little bit of nostalgia! 

I have no idea if any of those things are actually "in", but it is what I'm loving. Check it out:

I'm just now realizing that there is not a single print in that mood board! That was not intentional. Here are my sources and explanations:

  • I'm jumping on the crazy sneaker bandwagon. Big time. 
  • My cousin chose that nail polish last time we got manicures and I can't stop thinking about it!
  • Those blue flats are from H&M! 
  • How cozy does that sweater look?
  • I wonder: Is that jacket kind of "out"? Whatever, I still like it. 
  • It's a little more proper than the rest, but that is one simple, classic top that I think I'd wear every week at work.
  • Is there really anything I have to explain about those Rag & Bone boots
  • I would wear that ring everyday. 
  • Hoops! These are a constant wardrobe staple for me.
NOSTALGIA (Is that a style? Isn't that just "outdated?):
  • Obviously first on my list are those amazing Docs (I owned the same ones from 1996-2000 and wore them to the ground). Contrary to Deweese, middle school is BACK in my book! Well, some parts. Not this part.
  • Next are those oh-so 90s hunter green cords (truthfully I already bought some H&M ones I'm in love). I think the colors of the 90s are actually really good for my skin tone. :) 
  • I lost my Warby Parkers and so even though they were only 3 years old, I loved them so much I long for them in a nostalgic way. So it is time to get a new (but very similar) pair
Hope you like it! Also, check out more of my wish list items on Pinterest!

Happy weekend!


PS: There was another video this week, watch it here. Yes, I'm still talking about Kendall Charcoal. I'd like to promise that I'll stop someday...but we both know that's a lie!


  1. I forgot to source the tights! One of my favorite things there! Here they are:

  2. '90s boots + gold=

    I have the silver color, and they are really cute!