Monday, September 17, 2012


Happy Monday, Everyone!

Hope you had a great weekend! So, today I thought I'd catch you up on some updates in my life. Much like Deweese did almost exactly a year ago.

So here goes...this past winter I left my job at an art museum in Chelsea and took a brand new job as the Office Manager at Apartment Therapy! My transition was not quite the 180 that Deweese took (her bravery still inspires me everyday!), but it was a big change for me nonetheless. Up until I made this recent switch, I had been working in the world of fine art exhibitions for about 8 years. Even though it was a big change in my life, for whatever reason I didn't announce this change on the blog right away. Not sure why, but I do know that part of the reason is because it all happened really fast and I wasn't sure exactly what to think/say:

"Some crazy life altering career change?"
"Did this have something to do with turning 30?"
"Insert something really deep about taking what I do in my free time and making it my career?"

It was definitely a combination of all of these things, but most of all it is a new and exciting job.  So needless to say I didn't announce it here on the blog and now here we are.

And then this happened.

And it showed up in AT's Facebook feed! So it was revealed and at first I was embarrassed and wanted to hide but then it was really exciting and fun. Yes, exactly like that.

The bottom line is: I love my new job. It's incredibly fun and there have already been so many creative opportunities like the video above, which has been the most pleasant surprise! Aaaand I get to read Apartment Therapy at work now. What could be better than that?

This little video brought a lot of new readers to our site, which is such a great feeling. If you are new and reading this: WELCOME! We are incredibly glad you're here and hoping you stick around and hang out with us for a while.  Here's some helpful links to quickly bring you up to speed.
Thanks for indulging me and time to get back to business! This week Deweese and I will be sharing our fall fashion wish lists. So basically I will be pinterest-ing over the next few nights!!


PS: Don't forget, Readers! You heard about my painted door way before it appeared on AT! Read that little post, here!