Friday, August 10, 2012



Love the reviews and why not keep up the turtle pace -- it's not like your racing anyone! I saw Do The Right Thing in high school and have zero memory of it. Time to add it to the queue. Thanks!

So I've blogged about graphic sweaters before, but today I'm talking tees.  This summer has been decidedly less formal vs. previous years...a huge turnaround from the wedding circuit of a the past 3 or 4 summers.  And what's oddly happening is I'm running out of casual wear in between laundry days! Lately I've been craving just some simple tees to wear with shorts, jeans and even maybe some skirts. Here's what I've been admiring lately (as you can see, I'm still hanging on to summer):

If you like them too, here's where you can find them! Top to bottom:

And here's one more bonus tee I want.

Also, I would totally watch this t-shirt documentary, check it out, careful though...lots of F-bombs!:

Happy Friday!

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