Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer Vacation Planning

Hi Deweese,

I love the flag! It looks huge and I love the colors. I actually love the way it's mounted and not just because it was the cheaper way! I think it looks super crisp, and I can't wait to see it in person.

So in a couple of weeks Nick and I are going on summer vacation to Maine. Other than Miami (whoop!), I haven't taken any time off of work this year, so I'm ready!! Since we've been having a calmer summer, its fun to have the chance to get really excited for a vacation and plan for it. Here's what I've been shopping for:

1. A Racerback Tankini.  To me, it could be the perfect bathing suit solution (convenience of a tankini, comfort of a racerback).  Of course, I am someone who rates these kind of things on cannon-ball ability.  As it turns out, a racerback tankini is very hard to find! Here's what I finally settled on and I am really happy with it.

2. Blue Lizard.  Duh.  The only thing keeping me ready for the next big vampire movie role should I be called...

3. Host Gifts.  Nick and I are doing a bit of couch surfing on this trip and I've been trying to come up with some great host gifts.  Here are some of my ideas:

Buoy Pillows!

Some of my absolute favorite...
Should I make some of my Grandma's Banana Bread?
Some of Nick's favorite coffee?

4. End-of-season sale summer clothes. So fun and without the guilt. I haven't made any purchases yet, but I'd really like to update some of my tattered jersey dresses. Perhaps this?


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