Friday, August 17, 2012



Thanks for the tee update! I was having trouble visualizing, but now thanks to my fashion guru, I'm on the right track. I also have a mega girl crush on that second photo down. So pretty.

I don't really have a post today... I'm headed to Costco with my Mom, Aunt and cousin Lil' Q to get party supplies for a baby shower were hosting tomorrow! That's right, there are 12 women from my family in DC this weekend to celebrate my cousin Steph and her Lil' Bits, due in October. I'm thrilled so many aunts and cousins could come, I think we're gonna have a blast. Today entails lunch downtown and a pizza party at my apartment tonight. Then, the shower and a Mary Chapin Carpenter concert at Wolf Trap tomorrow.

Steph and her handsome husband Scott. Are they gonna make a gorgeous baby, or what!

Will post more next week about all the fun we're getting ready to have! Feeling pretty lucky to have all these amazing women in my life and to celebrate Lil' Bits!


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