Friday, August 3, 2012

GET OUT THE MAP! (and lay your finger anywhere down)


Your bedroom looks FANTASTIC and the photography is stunning. When can I get you down here to photograph our place? So glad that we are kindred spirits in Kendall Charcoal. Best. Color. Ever.

Well it's a big week of reveals! As promised during my living room art reveal last week, I have a follow up reveal of the art we chose for above our sofa.

This expanse of wall has been haunting me since we painted (last October!). Look how sad! Pitiful really. Like the other art in this room, I was too nervous to commit! Paralyzed by indecision! Please excuse our 2007 rolled-arm, first purchase as a couple, boat of a sofa. Best nap of your life, though.

I was totally stumped as to what to fill this huge space with until I saw this house tour on Young House Love. I saw that map and had to have it! You know I love maps. This was all assuming this 57.5" x 37" monster was in my budget which was about $0. 

Turns out the map was only $40 which I thought was a STEAL for that huge size. And it's from this wicked shop out of Oregon (one of my favorite states) called Schoolhouse Electric and Supply Co. You gotta check it out. 

The map in the above room is framed, but I can't even imagine how much that cost. I decided to have the print just mounted on foam core which while way less permanent, is way less expensive. The mounting was around $60, so total for this huge piece was $100. Not $0, but a couple "bring your lunch to work days" later... here she is!

I definitely don't think these pics do the map or space justice. It totally completes the room. At first I was feeling weird about having a foam core print on my walls. Is it just so high school American History or worse: dorm? But the thing is... this is where I am right now. While I'd like to have something like this framed one day, that's not in the cards right now, and I think our apartment (and this map) reflect us right now, not fancy (where I'd like to be one day), but right now in 2012. And it's a really nice place to be.

Happy Friday!

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