Tuesday, August 14, 2012



Love your t-shirt inspiration. Here's my question... how do you wear them? With shorts? Does it feel really boxy or do you buy more fitted tees? Do you tuck in or belt? I love the paint splatter tee, but feel like it could go bad 90s pretty quickly. But maybe that's the point? I need more guidance.

I watched a new show the last night that I have to fill you in on. It's basically our worlds colliding... the NYC art scene and Bravo. I mean really.

It's called Gallery Girls and it is TERRIBLE! The worst show I've ever seen and that's saying something because I typically watch pretty obnoxious tv. This sad sad reality show follows seven young women in NYC breaking into the 'art world'. I have never seen a group of women who had ZERO redeeming qualities among them (they aren't even funny!) and there was almost no mention of art. Here's a review from New Yorker.

Now you know I'm a Bravo fan, but I think Andy Cohen missed the mark on this one and it's disappointing because I feel like there is so much potential!

Now that I've told you how I feel... you can watch a preview here. I'm sure you're just so excited now!

Holding out for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,


  1. I didn't see it; but, you are not alone.

  2. ah! I am glad I was not the only one thinking this :( was so looking forward to it.