Monday, August 20, 2012

Friday, August 17, 2012



Thanks for the tee update! I was having trouble visualizing, but now thanks to my fashion guru, I'm on the right track. I also have a mega girl crush on that second photo down. So pretty.

I don't really have a post today... I'm headed to Costco with my Mom, Aunt and cousin Lil' Q to get party supplies for a baby shower were hosting tomorrow! That's right, there are 12 women from my family in DC this weekend to celebrate my cousin Steph and her Lil' Bits, due in October. I'm thrilled so many aunts and cousins could come, I think we're gonna have a blast. Today entails lunch downtown and a pizza party at my apartment tonight. Then, the shower and a Mary Chapin Carpenter concert at Wolf Trap tomorrow.

Steph and her handsome husband Scott. Are they gonna make a gorgeous baby, or what!

Will post more next week about all the fun we're getting ready to have! Feeling pretty lucky to have all these amazing women in my life and to celebrate Lil' Bits!


Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Hi Deweese,

The trailer alone and I'm done with Gallery Girls! Wow, bad news. But I have to apply the same reaction to Real Housewives. Ouch!

Last week I blogged about some t-shirts that I'd love to own for kickin' around on the weekends. Since you asked how I might be styling these tees, I thought it might be fun to find some inspiration looks on the ol' pinterest that illustrate what I mean and that I'd love to copy some Saturday. These looks aren't necessarily the freshest, most cutting edge things you've ever seen, but I still like them, so here goes!

Oh and for the most part right now I like my tees to fit just, well, normally -- not too huge and not really shrunken, either (see below). And yes, casually tucked in! I agree the paint splatter could go 90s and I think that's great!

This is a totally wearable outfit. The pockets and the t-shirt fit together nicely. 
I like a looser shirt with jean cutoffs and a headscarf. 
I really like the graphic tee look with a bold necklace breaking up the design on the shirt. 
Via A Beautiful Mess!
Again, totally wearable outfit. I think I've been wearing variations of this for 10 years. 
Simple style graphic tee with skinny cuffed jeans. 

Want those sneakers.

Weird picture, but I just like college t-shirts right now.  I'd wear mine with a bunch of necklaces. 

Not really for the weekend, but I think this is a great outfit. 

I already wear a pocket tee with my coral pencil skirt. It doesn't look nearly as good as this.


PS: I'd love to wear my tees with this season's summer standbys! 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012



Love your t-shirt inspiration. Here's my question... how do you wear them? With shorts? Does it feel really boxy or do you buy more fitted tees? Do you tuck in or belt? I love the paint splatter tee, but feel like it could go bad 90s pretty quickly. But maybe that's the point? I need more guidance.

I watched a new show the last night that I have to fill you in on. It's basically our worlds colliding... the NYC art scene and Bravo. I mean really.

It's called Gallery Girls and it is TERRIBLE! The worst show I've ever seen and that's saying something because I typically watch pretty obnoxious tv. This sad sad reality show follows seven young women in NYC breaking into the 'art world'. I have never seen a group of women who had ZERO redeeming qualities among them (they aren't even funny!) and there was almost no mention of art. Here's a review from New Yorker.

Now you know I'm a Bravo fan, but I think Andy Cohen missed the mark on this one and it's disappointing because I feel like there is so much potential!

Now that I've told you how I feel... you can watch a preview here. I'm sure you're just so excited now!

Holding out for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,

Friday, August 10, 2012



Love the reviews and why not keep up the turtle pace -- it's not like your racing anyone! I saw Do The Right Thing in high school and have zero memory of it. Time to add it to the queue. Thanks!

So I've blogged about graphic sweaters before, but today I'm talking tees.  This summer has been decidedly less formal vs. previous years...a huge turnaround from the wedding circuit of a the past 3 or 4 summers.  And what's oddly happening is I'm running out of casual wear in between laundry days! Lately I've been craving just some simple tees to wear with shorts, jeans and even maybe some skirts. Here's what I've been admiring lately (as you can see, I'm still hanging on to summer):

If you like them too, here's where you can find them! Top to bottom:

And here's one more bonus tee I want.

Also, I would totally watch this t-shirt documentary, check it out, careful though...lots of F-bombs!:

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012



Love your plans for the end of the summer vacay. Keep us posted on the racer back tankini. I want a cannonball rating when you get back.

I told you a few months ago that Jeff and I are working our way through the AFI Greatest Movies of All Time list. We started in April with #100 Ben Hur, and I'd like to tell you we've made it further, but actually we're at #94 Pulp Fiction. Turns out we haven't been cruising through these at the pace I envisioned. Mainly because while I'm excited to watch all of the movies on the list, I'm not always amped to watch a particular movie. I definitely dragged my feet on Blade Runner for at least a few weeks and with the Olympics... forgeddaboudit. So we'll keep chuggin' along at our own pace. No deadline on this one which is just my style.

Yankee Doodle Dandy 1942
I find that older black and white movies take a little bit longer to get in to, but patience is a virtue with such films. Jeff and I both enjoyed this musical and were humming old show tunes (Over There!) for days after. James Cagney is incredible in this. Easy to see why it's a classic.
More info

Blade Runner 1982
I love Harrison Ford like every other red-blooded American, but this movie did not do it for me. I'm not into sci-fi anyway, and I thought the plot was loose and there was zero character development. Those things combined meant I started ironing napkins half way through to keep myself occupied. Sean Young stars in this movie and, showing my age, I said "Jeff, that's the woman from Celebrity Rehab!" 

Do The Right Thing 1989
I thought this movie was amazing. One of the best I've seen in a while. After we watched this I was reminded why we're watching all these movies, for these little gems that I might otherwise have never seen. I loved the way this movie was filmed, I loved the characters and the story line and the ENDING. OMG. This one stuck with me for a while.

The Last Picture Show 1971
This movie is sloooooooow. But when it was over, I realized I liked it. The plot is not complicated, but the characters are and I loved seeing so many stars when they were so young... Jeff Bridges, Cloris Leachman and Randy Quaid. And I don't know that I've ever seen a more beautiful woman than Cybil Shepherd in this movie. Totally unreal. It was her debut!

PS... The Olympics are killing me! Week 2 of staying up too late watching the competitions is starting to take it's toll.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer Vacation Planning

Hi Deweese,

I love the flag! It looks huge and I love the colors. I actually love the way it's mounted and not just because it was the cheaper way! I think it looks super crisp, and I can't wait to see it in person.

So in a couple of weeks Nick and I are going on summer vacation to Maine. Other than Miami (whoop!), I haven't taken any time off of work this year, so I'm ready!! Since we've been having a calmer summer, its fun to have the chance to get really excited for a vacation and plan for it. Here's what I've been shopping for:

1. A Racerback Tankini.  To me, it could be the perfect bathing suit solution (convenience of a tankini, comfort of a racerback).  Of course, I am someone who rates these kind of things on cannon-ball ability.  As it turns out, a racerback tankini is very hard to find! Here's what I finally settled on and I am really happy with it.

2. Blue Lizard.  Duh.  The only thing keeping me ready for the next big vampire movie role should I be called...

3. Host Gifts.  Nick and I are doing a bit of couch surfing on this trip and I've been trying to come up with some great host gifts.  Here are some of my ideas:

Buoy Pillows!

Some of my absolute favorite...
Should I make some of my Grandma's Banana Bread?
Some of Nick's favorite coffee?

4. End-of-season sale summer clothes. So fun and without the guilt. I haven't made any purchases yet, but I'd really like to update some of my tattered jersey dresses. Perhaps this?


Friday, August 3, 2012

GET OUT THE MAP! (and lay your finger anywhere down)


Your bedroom looks FANTASTIC and the photography is stunning. When can I get you down here to photograph our place? So glad that we are kindred spirits in Kendall Charcoal. Best. Color. Ever.

Well it's a big week of reveals! As promised during my living room art reveal last week, I have a follow up reveal of the art we chose for above our sofa.

This expanse of wall has been haunting me since we painted (last October!). Look how sad! Pitiful really. Like the other art in this room, I was too nervous to commit! Paralyzed by indecision! Please excuse our 2007 rolled-arm, first purchase as a couple, boat of a sofa. Best nap of your life, though.

I was totally stumped as to what to fill this huge space with until I saw this house tour on Young House Love. I saw that map and had to have it! You know I love maps. This was all assuming this 57.5" x 37" monster was in my budget which was about $0. 

Turns out the map was only $40 which I thought was a STEAL for that huge size. And it's from this wicked shop out of Oregon (one of my favorite states) called Schoolhouse Electric and Supply Co. You gotta check it out. 

The map in the above room is framed, but I can't even imagine how much that cost. I decided to have the print just mounted on foam core which while way less permanent, is way less expensive. The mounting was around $60, so total for this huge piece was $100. Not $0, but a couple "bring your lunch to work days" later... here she is!

I definitely don't think these pics do the map or space justice. It totally completes the room. At first I was feeling weird about having a foam core print on my walls. Is it just so high school American History or worse: dorm? But the thing is... this is where I am right now. While I'd like to have something like this framed one day, that's not in the cards right now, and I think our apartment (and this map) reflect us right now, not fancy (where I'd like to be one day), but right now in 2012. And it's a really nice place to be.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Hi Everyone,

Well, thanks for your patience! I finally took photos of the bedroom and here they are. I decided to use this opportunity to really (I mean really) work on my photography skills, as it is a goal of mine to be better and gain photography as a passable life skill.  So often Nick takes photos when are we are out and about and many of those end up here on the blog. So it was important to me that I took all of these photos and learned how to edit them with only Nick's guidance, not his actual assistance. It was so challenging, but also really gratifying.

Some quick things I still need to work on (because excuses make me feel better):
  • I need to remember the overall story. I forgot to get a good "overall" shot, mainly because I wasn't using a wide enough lens.
  • Dust a little more before taking pictures. You'll see some um, character (?) here.
  • Quality over quantity. I took a ton of photos of some areas of the bedroom thinking "one of these will be great". Not so much. 
  • So, so, much more. 
Anyway, heeeeere goes nothing! And, again, thank you to Deweese for allowing me to blatantly copy her living room paint color for my bedroom! 

 Phew! If you're still with me, I hope you liked it!