Monday, July 23, 2012



Deweese, I love that you posted about the sometimes failures of natural beauty products. I'm guilty of getting overwhelmed, so this makes me feel a little better. It doesn't always work. Truth be told, I haven't really made any adjustments except for some daily moisturizer that is very "meh".

So, today's post is going to be short. I finally photographed a bunch of projects in the apartment that I've been working on, so I am going to be working on getting those photos blog-ready for the next few evenings. In the meantime, Nick showed me this totally awesome and completely off-topic thing that I wanted to share with everyone...for no other reason other than I had a lot of fun looking at it.

These two brits called The Slow Mo Guys film things with an incredibly high-speed camera that can capture fast movement the eye doesn't. Then they slooooow it down and create these amazing little videos. (Nick: did I get that right?)

It's really cool! I swear.

The first one we watched is a video in which The Slow Mo Guys place rubber band after rubber band around a watermelon until it explodes. Yup.

It's a little long but you can always just fast fwd to the action. Unless you're like me and don't mind cute guys with cute British accents.

This next ones is a little creepy to watch, so be warned. It's called "Football to the Face":

Here's popcorn popping: 

And finally, a really, really just way too long video in which they try to pop a 6 ft. water balloon: 

That balloon gets soooooo weird. I almost think it is fake. 

Anyway, that's all I got today! Hope you found these as oddly amusing as I do. 


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