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Wow, the Olsens! I literally never think about them unless they pop up in my daily email because one of them has a new boyfriend. I love that first pic of Ashley? in the orange. Gorgeous.

We've been talking some lately about using more natural beauty products and I wanted to give a little update. You can read a guest post about beauty products during pregnancy by Melissa here. Blythe experimenting with Gud products here. And Deweese's oatmeal face wash here

I think some of this is kinda fun, to find new products and be more conscious of the decisions I'm making when buying products. But as I've mentioned before, it can all be pretty overwhelming too. 

To be honest, I was really excited that the oatmeal face wash worked, because a lot of the things I've tried haven't worked at all!

First... apple cider vinegar and baking soda shampoo SO does not work for me. I followed these directions for a while but I just didn't have the patience to figure out what the right ratio was for me AND my hair was so gross! Sure I could have stuck it out and possibly had terrific results. But I can't go to client meetings looking like this. FAIL. 

Another fail? The alba deodorant. I've tried the Tom's version too and both times I just smell. In fact, just this weekend I was still trying to believe the alba was going to work for me, and I said to Jeff:  "Is this my natural odor, or do I just smell?" His sideways grin to me said it all. Back to Degree I go.

I guess I'm revealing my smelly greasiness in an effort to pull back the curtain a bit on using more natural/fewer ingredients/organic beauty products. Some of them really work and it's awesome. But maybe because we're used to our sodium laureate sulfate or 'spring breeze' fragrance, it's not always easy to find a good alternative. I think I'll stick to the mantra of my oatmeal face wash inspiration:

READERS: Do you have any natural beauty fails? What should I avoid???

Color me vain,

PS: Thanks for sending me this article about the challenge of making friends as an adult. I thought it was really fascinating and I identified with a lot of it. Too funny that it was written by Cup of Jo's husband!

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