Friday, July 27, 2012

Mini-Project: Painting the Front Door

Hi Deweese,

I love, love LOVE the arranging and hanging you have done. I even pinned it! I think you did a great job by gathering them but keeping it all super crisp and beautiful. Bravo!

So, as you all know, I painted my bedroom dark gray. What you might NOT know is that I 100% straight-up copied Deweese and painted by bedroom the EXACT same color as her living room.  Yup, I'm incapable of picking grays and so I just leave it to the pros...aka Deweese. Girl knows how to pick her paint colors. It really is an awesome gray and I can't WAIT to show you my bedroom reveal next week! But before that I thought I'd share another little project.

Even though we painted the bedroom 6 months or so ago, we still have some leftover dark gray paint lying around, about a quarter of a gallon or so. Well, one day Nick showed me this pin and I fell in love.  I knew what we had to do...

...That's right, we had to heat up a frozen pizza, watch two episodes of Friday Night Lights on netflix, consume a bottle of white wine...and decide that RIGHT NOW (at 11pm on a Friday night) is the perfect time to paint the inside of your door a dark color.

What, you had something else in mind for your Friday night?

I decided to document the process only on my phone, for which I apologize. The photos aren't great, but I still found it worth sharing.  It was really fun and took about two hours flat!

Here's the before...

Yup. That's my very messy foyer. And in process...

And done!

We love it! I wish I took better pictures, but hopefully you get the idea!

One last question to ponder over the weekend: Do you think we should have painted the door frame, too?



  1. I think it looks great with the white frame! (PS I love Friday Night Lights!)

  2. Thank you Katelyn! I think we'll keep it that way. On Friday Night Lights!! We're 2 seasons in on Netflix, it's so good!

  3. I agree, I like the door painted but not the frame. Looks great! - Sarah