Monday, July 9, 2012

Just Keep Swimming


I love that you put oatmeal on your face! Just kidding. When I was growing up my mom microwaved olive oil and dunked a comb in it and ran the comb through my hair.  It works amazingly well for shine and conditioning! Loved seeing all the comments, too. Baking soda? Awesome.

So, D, as you know, it was freaking HOT this weekend. Nick and I decided last minute to book a night at a hotel just outside the city that has an outdoor pool (as per Melissa's rec). We found a great deal on kayak and off we went! Just a short ride up metro north.  It was one those things that was so easy it had us thinking: why haven't we done this before? And why don't we do it again next weekend?

It all started because I was whining that I hadn't really been swimming this year yet. The only time was in Miami with you and Dukester and for about 30 freezing seconds during my family reunion. No bueno. I'm a POOL RAT!

Once we got there I just jumped in and whooooooooosh! Refreshing coolness all around and weightlessness.  What is better seriously?  We didn't bring our camera and hardly looked at our phones, so no pics! But in the spirit of swimming, I thought I'd share some of the artwork of Barbara Cole, an artist I've known about for years and always remember:
Flutter Kick 
Five Feet Under
Body Language
Water Colours

All of these images are (c) 2006 Barbara Cole. All rights reserved.


PS: Another pool painting
PPS: Title of this post in honor of one of my favorite movie moments.


  1. Sigh. This has me wanting to go off to find a pool right now! PS turn off your word cache!!!!!!!

  2. Love this artwork, it so perfectly captures the peacefulness of swimming. Looks like you had an amazing escape!