Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I'm an Olsen Fan

Ok, I get it: Pouty. Too skinny. Bag ladies.

Yeah, but who cares, them Olsen twins got style...



I mean I know it used to be this...

And then kinda this....
Source Unknown
Sidebar for our Readers: Deweese and I love/hated the above look so much, we dressed up like the twins for Halloween 2005:

What do you think? Did we pull it off? Deweese: Look at your cell phone! Also, I used that handbag yesterday.

Anyway, I digress. Somehow from Full House to trying to pull off a really bad Stevie Nicks homage, they became recognized style experts. Want to see what I mean?  A new blog fave du jour, Olsen Anonymous, is such a fun, splashy, scroll-through.

Even though they have great clothing, what I admire most is their accessorizing. Its incredible. Oh and their makeup. Who does their makeup?

Here's a few more looks I really dig:


I think what I like most is that you can tell they LOVE it. Ya know?

Has anyone ever purchased anything from their line, Elizabeth and James?


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  1. I'm a closet Olsen lover too! God, feels so good to get that out there. And I agree, their make-up artist and accessories person needs to give me tips.