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Those videos were awesome. My favorite moment was the footage before the giant water balloon, when they showed a regular sized water balloon exploding. It's in the first 30 seconds of the video. INSANE.

I have exciting apartment news for you. Thanks to your inspiration during our Saturday visit a few weekends ago, I have FINALLY hung some art up in our living room. That's right readers... my Dad helped us paint our living room the loveliest shade of grey in OCTOBER, and the only thing I had hung on the walls was the clocks. WHAT? Why on earth did it take me so long? Well, to be frank, I was paralyzed. I had a big stack of art, and I couldn't figure out where/how I wanted to place it. I felt like a lot of it needed to be framed (like actually framed, not Ikea) and so we've been staring at blank walls for over 8 months. Absurd.

When Blythe was in town, we came up with a strategy. Where to put a gallery wall, above the sofa or on the back wall? Does the TV wall need more art? Why are TVs SO impossible to decorate around?! You know, the basics of apartment art hanging!

So having decided that the back wall would hold the gallery wall and a big project for above the sofa (more on that later), I spent this past Saturday night arranging and rearranging... and then some more... until I found a combination I liked. The other point of this adventure in art was that I didn't want to spend ANY money. None. So I had to give up on the idea of getting things professionally framed, and use what we had (lots of Ikea frames from 2005).

There are all sorts of rules about gallery walls that you can google if you're interested. I chose to stick to only 2 types of frames (wood and silver) and all of the images/mats are black and white, or some shade of lime/teal.

Here are the results! I'm super pleased, especially because I only ended up spending about $15 at Paper-Source on nice paper to frame the picture of Atty and the Derby print (the flower was already on polka dot paper). HOPE YOU LIKE IT!

From the sofa

From the front hallway

Derby print from my Mom on PS stitched paper

Obligatory Ork poster

Water color print of our neighborhood by Mary Belcher. Our apt building is on the map!

Flower in pastel by my Grandmother. A favorite. Also on PS paper.

Somehow during my before-work photoshoot, I forgot to take a photo of the print of Atty Cat. You can see the full image here and find the artist here.

And since I had the momentum, I decided to hang some more art around the apartment!

This is a painting Blythe and I bought on our 2006 trip to Argentina. 

And this is a piece that my Mom gave me. I think a friend made it for her? It has a quote about finding your own drummer. Very sweet.

And this beauty is a wedding gift from Louisville Stoneware where my bestie Emily works. It's a platter for food, but it's too gorgeous not to hang. I love it above the doorway to the kitchen, as an invitation to come eat. And it's STUNNING against the wall color.

And these little guys finally went up in the bathroom. More Mary Belcher. Ben's Chili Bowl and Kramer Books, two DC institutions.

Whew! That's it! I'm excited to reveal the big over the sofa art very soon. Stay tuned, and thanks for your help getting over the art hump, my walls (and Jeff) are very appreciative!


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