Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Happy Tuesday Readers!

You know what that lil' pink foot means! 

We got to spend this past weekend with Lil' Miss and Dukester in NYC! We had such a lovely time, including a trip to the famous Bronx Zoo.

Dukester grew up going to the Bronx Zoo with her family and for years has been sharing her fond memories of visiting this magical place. Gotta say, this is the coolest zoo we've been to. So beautiful and well done. Easy to navigate, beautiful facilities, friendly staff and seriously, ALL of the animals were out. Be sure to add this to your list of things to do in NYC next time you're there. And if you live in NYC and haven't been... buy your tickets here.

Here are some shots (including some Instagram) from our trip.

And Lil' Miss' reaction...

It was so fun to be part of a Dukester family tradition with our two faves.

PS... Guess who else was at the Bronx Zoo on Saturday... just the most famous mother/daughter duo. How did we miss them???

Friday, July 27, 2012

Mini-Project: Painting the Front Door

Hi Deweese,

I love, love LOVE the arranging and hanging you have done. I even pinned it! I think you did a great job by gathering them but keeping it all super crisp and beautiful. Bravo!

So, as you all know, I painted my bedroom dark gray. What you might NOT know is that I 100% straight-up copied Deweese and painted by bedroom the EXACT same color as her living room.  Yup, I'm incapable of picking grays and so I just leave it to the pros...aka Deweese. Girl knows how to pick her paint colors. It really is an awesome gray and I can't WAIT to show you my bedroom reveal next week! But before that I thought I'd share another little project.

Even though we painted the bedroom 6 months or so ago, we still have some leftover dark gray paint lying around, about a quarter of a gallon or so. Well, one day Nick showed me this pin and I fell in love.  I knew what we had to do...

...That's right, we had to heat up a frozen pizza, watch two episodes of Friday Night Lights on netflix, consume a bottle of white wine...and decide that RIGHT NOW (at 11pm on a Friday night) is the perfect time to paint the inside of your door a dark color.

What, you had something else in mind for your Friday night?

I decided to document the process only on my phone, for which I apologize. The photos aren't great, but I still found it worth sharing.  It was really fun and took about two hours flat!

Here's the before...

Yup. That's my very messy foyer. And in process...

And done!

We love it! I wish I took better pictures, but hopefully you get the idea!

One last question to ponder over the weekend: Do you think we should have painted the door frame, too?


Wednesday, July 25, 2012



Those videos were awesome. My favorite moment was the footage before the giant water balloon, when they showed a regular sized water balloon exploding. It's in the first 30 seconds of the video. INSANE.

I have exciting apartment news for you. Thanks to your inspiration during our Saturday visit a few weekends ago, I have FINALLY hung some art up in our living room. That's right readers... my Dad helped us paint our living room the loveliest shade of grey in OCTOBER, and the only thing I had hung on the walls was the clocks. WHAT? Why on earth did it take me so long? Well, to be frank, I was paralyzed. I had a big stack of art, and I couldn't figure out where/how I wanted to place it. I felt like a lot of it needed to be framed (like actually framed, not Ikea) and so we've been staring at blank walls for over 8 months. Absurd.

When Blythe was in town, we came up with a strategy. Where to put a gallery wall, above the sofa or on the back wall? Does the TV wall need more art? Why are TVs SO impossible to decorate around?! You know, the basics of apartment art hanging!

So having decided that the back wall would hold the gallery wall and a big project for above the sofa (more on that later), I spent this past Saturday night arranging and rearranging... and then some more... until I found a combination I liked. The other point of this adventure in art was that I didn't want to spend ANY money. None. So I had to give up on the idea of getting things professionally framed, and use what we had (lots of Ikea frames from 2005).

There are all sorts of rules about gallery walls that you can google if you're interested. I chose to stick to only 2 types of frames (wood and silver) and all of the images/mats are black and white, or some shade of lime/teal.

Here are the results! I'm super pleased, especially because I only ended up spending about $15 at Paper-Source on nice paper to frame the picture of Atty and the Derby print (the flower was already on polka dot paper). HOPE YOU LIKE IT!

From the sofa

From the front hallway

Derby print from my Mom on PS stitched paper

Obligatory Ork poster

Water color print of our neighborhood by Mary Belcher. Our apt building is on the map!

Flower in pastel by my Grandmother. A favorite. Also on PS paper.

Somehow during my before-work photoshoot, I forgot to take a photo of the print of Atty Cat. You can see the full image here and find the artist here.

And since I had the momentum, I decided to hang some more art around the apartment!

This is a painting Blythe and I bought on our 2006 trip to Argentina. 

And this is a piece that my Mom gave me. I think a friend made it for her? It has a quote about finding your own drummer. Very sweet.

And this beauty is a wedding gift from Louisville Stoneware where my bestie Emily works. It's a platter for food, but it's too gorgeous not to hang. I love it above the doorway to the kitchen, as an invitation to come eat. And it's STUNNING against the wall color.

And these little guys finally went up in the bathroom. More Mary Belcher. Ben's Chili Bowl and Kramer Books, two DC institutions.

Whew! That's it! I'm excited to reveal the big over the sofa art very soon. Stay tuned, and thanks for your help getting over the art hump, my walls (and Jeff) are very appreciative!


Monday, July 23, 2012



Deweese, I love that you posted about the sometimes failures of natural beauty products. I'm guilty of getting overwhelmed, so this makes me feel a little better. It doesn't always work. Truth be told, I haven't really made any adjustments except for some daily moisturizer that is very "meh".

So, today's post is going to be short. I finally photographed a bunch of projects in the apartment that I've been working on, so I am going to be working on getting those photos blog-ready for the next few evenings. In the meantime, Nick showed me this totally awesome and completely off-topic thing that I wanted to share with everyone...for no other reason other than I had a lot of fun looking at it.

These two brits called The Slow Mo Guys film things with an incredibly high-speed camera that can capture fast movement the eye doesn't. Then they slooooow it down and create these amazing little videos. (Nick: did I get that right?)

It's really cool! I swear.

The first one we watched is a video in which The Slow Mo Guys place rubber band after rubber band around a watermelon until it explodes. Yup.

It's a little long but you can always just fast fwd to the action. Unless you're like me and don't mind cute guys with cute British accents.

This next ones is a little creepy to watch, so be warned. It's called "Football to the Face":

Here's popcorn popping: 

And finally, a really, really just way too long video in which they try to pop a 6 ft. water balloon: 

That balloon gets soooooo weird. I almost think it is fake. 

Anyway, that's all I got today! Hope you found these as oddly amusing as I do. 


Friday, July 20, 2012



Wow, the Olsens! I literally never think about them unless they pop up in my people.com daily email because one of them has a new boyfriend. I love that first pic of Ashley? in the orange. Gorgeous.

We've been talking some lately about using more natural beauty products and I wanted to give a little update. You can read a guest post about beauty products during pregnancy by Melissa here. Blythe experimenting with Gud products here. And Deweese's oatmeal face wash here

I think some of this is kinda fun, to find new products and be more conscious of the decisions I'm making when buying products. But as I've mentioned before, it can all be pretty overwhelming too. 

To be honest, I was really excited that the oatmeal face wash worked, because a lot of the things I've tried haven't worked at all!

First... apple cider vinegar and baking soda shampoo SO does not work for me. I followed these directions for a while but I just didn't have the patience to figure out what the right ratio was for me AND my hair was so gross! Sure I could have stuck it out and possibly had terrific results. But I can't go to client meetings looking like this. FAIL. 

Another fail? The alba deodorant. I've tried the Tom's version too and both times I just smell. In fact, just this weekend I was still trying to believe the alba was going to work for me, and I said to Jeff:  "Is this my natural odor, or do I just smell?" His sideways grin to me said it all. Back to Degree I go.

I guess I'm revealing my smelly greasiness in an effort to pull back the curtain a bit on using more natural/fewer ingredients/organic beauty products. Some of them really work and it's awesome. But maybe because we're used to our sodium laureate sulfate or 'spring breeze' fragrance, it's not always easy to find a good alternative. I think I'll stick to the mantra of my oatmeal face wash inspiration:

READERS: Do you have any natural beauty fails? What should I avoid???

Color me vain,

PS: Thanks for sending me this article about the challenge of making friends as an adult. I thought it was really fascinating and I identified with a lot of it. Too funny that it was written by Cup of Jo's husband!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I'm an Olsen Fan

Ok, I get it: Pouty. Too skinny. Bag ladies.

Yeah, but who cares, them Olsen twins got style...



I mean I know it used to be this...

And then kinda this....
Source Unknown
Sidebar for our Readers: Deweese and I love/hated the above look so much, we dressed up like the twins for Halloween 2005:

What do you think? Did we pull it off? Deweese: Look at your cell phone! Also, I used that handbag yesterday.

Anyway, I digress. Somehow from Full House to trying to pull off a really bad Stevie Nicks homage, they became recognized style experts. Want to see what I mean?  A new blog fave du jour, Olsen Anonymous, is such a fun, splashy, scroll-through.

Even though they have great clothing, what I admire most is their accessorizing. Its incredible. Oh and their makeup. Who does their makeup?

Here's a few more looks I really dig:


I think what I like most is that you can tell they LOVE it. Ya know?

Has anyone ever purchased anything from their line, Elizabeth and James?


Monday, July 16, 2012

Kensington, MD Antique Row

Hello Readers!

Wanted to let you in on a little trip we took together recently to Antique Row in Kensington, MD... just a few miles from Deweese's house!

Blythe was in the area visiting her new and adorable nephew and much to Deweese's delight was able to steal away for a few hours to play 75th+Sedgwick style. It's rare that we have an afternoon to while away together and it was so much fun.

In addition to a Starbucks run, some rearranging of furniture in Deweese's apartment and a trip to Deweese's favorite place in DC, the roof of the Cleveland Park Bar & Grill, we were also able to fit in a trip to the renowned antique shops in Kensington.

We weren't entirely sure what to expect, would it be all Beenie Babies and old books? Would the prices be good, or inflated?

Well, it was awesome. Here's a little photo tour of our trip...

An example of one of the more than 80 shops!

Oh so welcoming.


Deweese has been dying for a bowl like this. It was HUGE!

Wouldn't this be nice for some jewelry organization!

Gorgeous quilts in terrific condition.

Rustic aqua farm table for less than $200.

This reminded us of Joan.

Of course, there was some of this...

But mostly lovely things like this hand painted cup and saucer.

Deweese loved all the Americana.

And  Blythe was drooling over this bust

We didn't actually buy anything, but had a blast perusing the enormous collection of antiques. We thought the prices were pretty reasonable all in all and the atmosphere top notch. Not too moth-bally, but not too boutique-y either.

So if you're in the DC area and haven't been to Kensington, check it out! We'll be back for sure!