Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What's a Centennial Party?

What a lovely Sunday you had, and what gorgeous photos! I actually almost don't believe that they were taken on a phone!

This past weekend was a very special one for me and my family. We celebrated two birthdays, mine and my Mom's, and we decided to call it a Centennial Party because our combined ages this year equal 100. Fun, right!

My Mom at 40 and me at 0. You can do the math, but I will tell you only one of us has aged since this photo.

I can't even tell you how this notion to throw a Centennial Party came to be, except that at some point last year we realized we would together be 100 years old this year, and we love to throw parties. Done!

We had the party at Whiskey Row Lofts, a new venue in downtown Louisville this past Saturday evening (which also happened to be my Dad's actual birthday!). It was a TIME! Jeff's family flew in to celebrate which was so much fun and we had a terrific band: P. Ann Everson-Price & The All Star Band... obvi.

Jeff and I designed the invitations on photoshop which we printed on paper-source card stock. Man those bows took forever. That's the last time we'll be adding bows to invites.

I can't tell you how special this night felt, especially to celebrate my Mom at 70. She's an inspiration in so many ways including the fact that she looks like she's 50 and acts like she's 40. The way she's aging backwards, I told her in 20 years we'll both be 50 and we can celebrate our 100th again! I think a lot of women hide from their age, but we should all take a cue from Dee and celebrate it in style!

We missed you lots and wish you could have been there to help us celebrate!

More photos to come...


ps... I also got to hang out with Miss Abby this weekend, last time I saw her she was only a few days old! Me, Abby, pajamas, my parents' deck, some of my favorite people... total perfection.

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