Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Quinn's Elfin Shoe Crisis: An update!

Hello Readers!

You may remember Lil' Q's Elfin Shoe Crisis from earlier this year. Girlfriend has some tiny feets.

Quinn pulled the trigger on some oxfords a while ago, but since then has graduated with her Masters from ole' AU, gotten a full-time job, traveled to Italy with her Momma and found true love with a farmer from Kentucky. Yes, you read that right. Busy lady.

Of the shoes she says: "I ended up going with the oxford jazz flats and love their all day comfort and professional look!"

We couldn't agree more!

So here's her best Diane Keaton impression... she nailed it!

Thanks for the update Quinnster! We're proud of all of your accomplishments... including the shoes!



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  2. Yah definitely these shoes look very comfortable. But the choices of sun glasses is stylish too, even now such style of retro designer sunglasses is trendy!

    I will be exited to get shoes in such style and sunglasses. Her taste of fashion is amazing...