Tuesday, June 12, 2012

On Repeat: MIssy Higgins

Dearest Deweese,

Hope you had an amazing vacation and I can't wait to hear all about the sun and sand! I was traveling this past weekend, too... first to a fantastic family reunion and then to meet my newest "niece", aka Brinie's new addition! It was wonderful.

Nick and I rented a car with XM which meant we listened to 90s on 9 most of the way (Yes, we belted out "Sweet Lady" by Terese while driving through Williams College on our way to NH. Is that weird?), so it meant that we didn't listen too much to the ipod. If we had, however, I think we definitely would have blared some Missy Higgins, since she's one of my new faves. 

A couple of people told me about her and when a couple people tell me about anything, I listen! She is an Australian popstar that's had several popular albums.  I recommend everyone check her out. Listen to "The Sound of White" to hear her sound. Oh and you can really hear her accent in some songs, it's great, listen for it in "Sugarcane". Warning: she's a little pop-y and a little cheesy and its a-OK by me!

Next time you are relaxing at home catching up on some couch time or spending the evening organizing your jewelry, put on some Missy Higgins and enjoy!

What is everyone else listening to this summer??


PS: Another "On Repeat" !


  1. Missy Higgins is the best! My favorite song is "where I stood". I hope her career continues to take off!

  2. Very funny - Missy Higgins always comes up on my pandora stations!