Friday, June 29, 2012

Sailing on the Hudson


So glad that the party was a success and I was sorry to miss it! I've always loved that photo of you and your mom cheek to cheek and those invites look great!! Love that you designed them yourself. What a night! Also, don'tgetmestarted on how cute that little Abby is!

So earlier this week Nick and our cousins went on a sunset ride on a sailboat along the Hudson. The idea came from Melissa, who found out about it on Cup of Jo, and, man, thank goodness that Melissa is my cousin and I get to be involved in all her great ideas! All those who visit NYC or live here: I highly recommend you do this! It is so fun and 100% memorable.

Here are some pics:


PS: Another sailing trip!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What's a Centennial Party?

What a lovely Sunday you had, and what gorgeous photos! I actually almost don't believe that they were taken on a phone!

This past weekend was a very special one for me and my family. We celebrated two birthdays, mine and my Mom's, and we decided to call it a Centennial Party because our combined ages this year equal 100. Fun, right!

My Mom at 40 and me at 0. You can do the math, but I will tell you only one of us has aged since this photo.

I can't even tell you how this notion to throw a Centennial Party came to be, except that at some point last year we realized we would together be 100 years old this year, and we love to throw parties. Done!

We had the party at Whiskey Row Lofts, a new venue in downtown Louisville this past Saturday evening (which also happened to be my Dad's actual birthday!). It was a TIME! Jeff's family flew in to celebrate which was so much fun and we had a terrific band: P. Ann Everson-Price & The All Star Band... obvi.

Jeff and I designed the invitations on photoshop which we printed on paper-source card stock. Man those bows took forever. That's the last time we'll be adding bows to invites.

I can't tell you how special this night felt, especially to celebrate my Mom at 70. She's an inspiration in so many ways including the fact that she looks like she's 50 and acts like she's 40. The way she's aging backwards, I told her in 20 years we'll both be 50 and we can celebrate our 100th again! I think a lot of women hide from their age, but we should all take a cue from Dee and celebrate it in style!

We missed you lots and wish you could have been there to help us celebrate!

More photos to come...


ps... I also got to hang out with Miss Abby this weekend, last time I saw her she was only a few days old! Me, Abby, pajamas, my parents' deck, some of my favorite people... total perfection.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Cloud City at the MET

Dear Deweese,

Hope you had a fantastic weekend! Nick and I were in the city, as part of our plan to stay put a bit more in 2012.  It was a really relaxing weekend overall and we got a LOT done.  But yesterday, we allowed ourselves to have some fun, too! First we had a delicious breakfast at Untitled with Lori and then we headed to the MET. Nick had never been to the rooftop there, and there is a new summer installation, so it was the perfect time to check it out.  Here are our pics (all taken with iphones, which was a relaxing change of pace):

Nick's phone app "360 panorama"

Summer Standys in action! 

Me and Nick looking at me and Nick

The installation is called Cloud City and is by artist Tomas Saraceno. It is beautiful and the experience feels a lot like Chicago's Bean. I actually hadn't been up there since Jeff Koon's installation, so it was a lot of fun to revisit the spectacular views. Oh, and enjoy a Summer Ale in heat.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Standbys Part Deux


I LOVE Julie's dresser! So great that you have nostalgia for it... AND so great that it is a really interesting/beautiful piece!  What a cool thing. Cant wait to see how it grows into your home.

So you might remember that last summer I posted about my Summer Standbys.  And then I posted about my Fall Standbys. And then... oops! I forgot Winter and Spring! Ah well, I'm back at it and maybe it'll stick this time. Here are my 2012 Summer Standbys:

The sandals are from Asos, so cheap, and much comfier than they look. The shorts are jcrew.  The ones pictured above are like mine, which are actually a hand-me-down and last season.  Find something similar here (and on sale!).

I highly recommend adding some neon into your life. I've probably ridden the wave a little too long, and I'm not even really tan enough (read: at all) to pull it off, but it's SO FUN!

What are you wearing the first day your laundry's done this summer? Hmmm...maybe that's what I should rename this little series: "What I wear the day after doing laundry".


PS: In unrelated news, what do you think of Drew Barrymore's wedding dress? I oddly feel biased and kind of unconditionally love it, but have yet to see a good picture of it and don't understand the placement of the black ribbon. That is all.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Julie's dresser


I'm loving Andrew's nursery. That alphabet wall is amazing. What patience that must have taken, for a fabulous result! Lucky man for many reasons, including a kick ass room!

A few weeks ago you wrote about the power of original art in your home. I have to say, I 100% agree. AND... I feel the same way about antiques. Furniture, jewelry, china, tablecloths, anything!

I just acquired my maternal Grandmother Julie's vanity. This was in my Grandmother's home for as long as I can remember, and more recently my Mom used it as her vanity. It's not the nicest piece of furniture you've every seen, and not particularly well made, but for me it's full of magic, just thinking about my Grandmother, and then my Mom, sitting at this vanity to get ready for a day at work, Church on Sunday morning or an evening out.

Grandmother Julie and Grandfather Gene
Here is my previous situation. Not heinous, but definitely time to go. I purchased this dresser from Target in 2004 when we moved into our first post-college apartment with Dukester. I think 8 years for a piece of furniture that you put together yourself is pretty good!

And here's the new addition. I still need to hang the mirror and arrange things, but I love the way she fits in already! And I LOVE that I can sit down to pick out jewelry, do my makeup and dry my hair. A total luxury.
I'm totally digging your new jewelry organization and so impressed. I'm not there yet, but I sorted through a ton of stuff I, donated a lot of it, and tried to keep like items together.
I've been keeping my makeup brushes and lipsticks in glass jars and it's working really well!
The bench is covered in a teal and pink flame stitch pattern (hello 90s!), It doesn't really go with my decor and I'll probably change it eventually, but right now I'm kinda nostalgic about it, so I'll stick with it for a little bit longer.

Readers, do you have a favorite vintage item in your home that is full of nostalgia?


Friday, June 15, 2012

Nursery Reveal

Happy Friday!

As a Friday treat we are jazzed to be revealing Laura and Scott's (Blythe's in-laws) newest room makeover...a nursery!

As you know, this couple has been hard at work doing an incredible job on their living space. Well, the biggest news is that the sweetest little baby boy and Blythe's newest nephew was born in May! His name is Andrew. Being the responsible parents that they are, Laura and Scott finished turning what was a spare guest room into the new nursery before he was born. Laura sent us the pictures and it took our breath away at how beautiful it was but also how comfortable and approachable it was...just perfect for a nursery!

This nursery has some creative touches (like an awesome alphabet wall and a jumbo pencil) but actually looks (and Blythe can attest... feels) like a room you actually want to snuggle and play in. So wonderful.

Here are the photos:

And here are the new mama's notes:

Even though we knew we were having a boy, we didn't want the room to be overly-gendered. A lot of what you see I would have done for a girl's room too (I'm not into pink and girly stuff).  After all, the room is basically for us in the beginning anyway!

On the Alphabet wall:
I had seen a few of these on pinterest and really wanted to do one in my kid's room. I started by going to antique and thrift shops and buying any available letters sized 4 inches to 12 inches. Then, I went to stores that sold full alphabet sets to fill in missing letters.  Toward the end, we were worried we wouldn't get a full alphabet! 

We had an extra "A" that we kept in the room for "Andrew"

The only thing not complete is the window treatments - these are temporary stick up blinds -- window treatments are so expensive!

I hope Andrew enjoys it!

Isn't it incredibly fun? Here are all of Laura's sources (with links included where possible)!

  • Paint: Sherwin Williams "Argos"
  • Crib (converts to Toddler bed and full bed with additional purchases): Pali Novara purchased from local baby furniture store
  • Chair: Best Chairs recliner, glider, and rocker purchased from local baby furniture store
  • Wall bookshelves:  IKEA Ribba picture ledge 
  • Cube bookshelf:  IKEA Expedit with coordinating boxes for toys.
  • Shelf over dresser: IKEA
  • Lamp: Target 
  • Bedding & Changing pad: Skip Hop Mod dot
  • Giant pencil: something I acquired years ago and have been waiting to put up in my kid's room
  • Alphabet Wall: Laura has a list of where each letter is from (!) so if you are interested, leave a comment and we'll get back to you!
Thank you so much, Laura! You're an inspiration in finding that comfortable and stylish aesthetic we find oh-so important! 


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sandbridge Beach!


Thanks for the Missy Higgins recommendation! I'm digging' her.

I told you last week that Jeff and I snuck away to the beach for a few days. A few weeks prior, Jeff's boss offered us his beach house just south of Virginia Beach. It's a rental that sleeps 17!, but was empty for the week, and he said it was ours if we were interested. DUH!

So on Wednesday afternoon we braved the I-395 traffic and headed south for a few days. It was really close to the Outer Banks, where we met up last summer!

We stayed at a big ole' house a block from Sandbridge Beach. I love houses with names!

On our way home Saturday, we stopped by the real Virginia Beach to see what it was all about. Man, it was hopping. Not really my beach style, but great people watching!
And for lunch we stopped at the opposite of Virignia Beach, historic Williamsburg, Virginia. We ate on the patio of The Trellis restaurant. Just lovely.
Back to the grind!
PS... Check out our herbage!

PPS... I know what you're thinking: "I can't believe it's been almost a year since Deweese started talking about Dallas coming back to TV, and I really can't believe the premier is already TONIGHT!