Wednesday, May 2, 2012



What a fun weekend we had! Do you think we'll be traipsing around the world with Lil' Miss one day telling her how we met back in the Spring of 2001? I hope so!

When I got home on Sunday I was so upset to see that the big tree right in front of our bedroom window was being removed by the city. One of my favorite parts of our apartment is that it's "in the trees", but no more! I don't know if it was rotten or a threat to falling down, but I miss it terribly!

So in my sadness I've decided to focus on what we do have, an amazing backyard! There is an original victory garden behind our building that I'm obsessed with.  I don't have a plot or anything, but I walk by it every day and love to check in on the happenings.

Here's a sampling of what I found yesterday... good chance to practice my lackluster photography skills!

Those peonies are my absolute favorite!


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