Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Power of Original Artwork at Home

Hi Deweese,

The party looked like so much fun. I agree with Dukester, watching Derby from another state is never the same!

Today I'd like to blog about the power of original artwork in the home. As an art history major and lover, I've been thinking a lot about this and trying to figure out exactly what makes its so special. Have you ever noticed how if you visit somebody's home they often show you the original artwork they own immediately following the basic tour? I have, but maybe it's just because they know I'm interested. And I've noticed the owner's description of the piece is half about the aesthetics and half about how/why they acquired the piece.  I really like that.

Here are two original art pieces in my home that I love...

A painting by Molly Brose, a DC-based artist. Nick bought this for me for my birthday years ago.  at the time we were totally obsessed with her "daily painting" blog and her work in general:

As a former major mixtape maker, I just loved it.

Here's another one:
It is an iron sculpture by Israeli artist Orna Ben Ami.  It was a gift of the artist, as we worked together on an exhibition of her work many years ago.  The softness of the subject matter reminds me of this woman's incredibly warm personality and the iron work is gorgeous with hues of copper and gold throughout.

Don't get me wrong, I love that digital photography, graphic, and fine art prints are becoming more and more affordable and discoverable.  I seriously think its the coolest thing and they are some of my favorite things in my home. 

But I gotta admit, there is something about the connection people feel with original art that really fascinates me. My own connections included.  It's best described as that feeling you get when you've seen postcards, posters and reproductions of a painting a million times, but are completely goosebumpy when you see it in person at a museum! This happened to me a few years ago at the Frick Collection when I rounded the corner to see Bellini's famous St. Francis in Ecstasy...a painting I wrote a 10 page paper on years ago! What can I say? There is something about seeing brushstrokes that really hits home with me.

I would like to purchase more paintings on canvas for my house and have been on the hunt for works that inspire me and also fit my budget (not exactly easy with original art). I recently purchased this very small painting from artist Nancy Merkle on Etsy.

Despite it being pretty off season, I love it. If that doesn't remind me of my home state, then I'm not sure what will. Don't you love how the snow has so many colors in it? On the artist's blog she writes about how snow slows life down.

Readers: what are your original artwork stories?



  1. I'm not gonna lie - I love showing people my original art! And you're so right, a big part of the story is how we acquired the works. It's why having real art in your home is such a wonderful thing.

  2. PS, If you are looking to purchase an affordable, handmade frame for your new little canvas, I highly recommend these folks:
    They will custom-make any frame to fit your specifications - I've been using them a lot for little needlework projects, and since I don't need the glass, they're happy to ship without.

    Pretty painting!

  3. Thank you, Julie! What a great find. I just might order this. Love the handmade-ness of these!

  4. My pleasure! I love the look too, as well as their business ethos - non-toxic finishes, etc. = always a plus. :)