Wednesday, May 16, 2012



Thanks for sharing the bike video! I can't even imagine the sensation of riding your bike around NYC unrestricted. What a bizarre feeling that must have been!

Yesterday I attended an event at the Washington Design Center featuring Luca Missoni, son of Missoni founders Ottavio and Rosita Missoni. Luca is the historian and curator for the family-owned business which marks its 60th anniversary next year. Not only do I love their designs, but I'm so impressed with a company that is family owned and operated for multiple generations and continues to stay so current. Remember when the Missoni for Target sale last fall crashed the Target website?

Ottavio and Rosita
Until recently I was most familiar with Missoni for their clothing, but I've become particularly obsessed with the Missoni Home collections. What would I give for this rug? My 'eye teeth' as my Mother would say!

And the brand continues to expand, check out the line of Missoni Hotels!

Luca was totally delightful and spoke a lot about his parents and how they built the company together. You can see Luca and his mother and father in the ad below. Adorable and so fashion forward! Ottavio turns 91 this year!

Yours in flame stitch,

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