Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jewelry Organization: Revealed!

Hi Deweese,

I am SO impressed with your indoor garden! I can not wait to hear more. Also, I think its awesome those herbs just happen to be the ones that are easy to grow, cause those are some YUMMY flavors!

So, finally. A update on my jewelry organization. I can't wait to show you this completed project! Click here to view my previous situation (yikes).

After researching and weighing my options, I kept my cake stands and switched out my jewelry boxes for simple, big, bowls. I loved the look and felt it was just simple enough that it would actually work (and could be done on the cheap). I found bowls I liked for $3-$6 each at Pearl River in Soho. I kept them all blue and white for a cohesive look, but in different patterns for a collected vibe. I started by organizing the dishes in a composition I liked...

I then organized my jewelry by categories (rings, earrings, necklaces) for quick finding:

And cross-organized (is that a word?) them by frequency of use (in my old jewelry box I was pulling out my favorite earrings from under chunky necklaces I rarely wore). At the very top of the pyramid in the smallest cake stand are the pieces that I am wearing right now on a daily basis for easiest access:

In order to take better care of my stuff, I made sure to not over stuff any of the dishes:

I then moved to the wall...which was already a work in progress. I wanted a collected/altar-ish look that I wouldn't mind looking at everyday. I mapped out a collection of beautiful images/objects that have a lot of meaning to me:

Here's a breakdown of what's in the above two images:
  • A photograph of my grandmother the day she got engaged
  • A floral necklace given to me as a bridesmaids gift
  • A flower I used to adorn my Derby hat a couple of years ago
  • My mom's senior photo
  • A photo of Deweese's stunning wedding bouquet 
  • A photo booth strip from a beach trip Nick and I took about 10 years ago 
(The mirror is from Housing Works and the frames are from IKEA and Homegoods.)

I also had to ceremoniously get rid of my jewelry box that I've had since FRESHMAN year of college. The very ornate lid fell off years ago and the back was held together with packing tape.

So here's the final result, plus a few more detail shots:

Overall it feels fresh, clean, and new! Added bonus: spending this much time with my jewelry has allowed me to discover new combinations that I can't wait to start wearing!


PS: I still want a bust, but I couldn't find one I like in my budget. Someday.

PPS: You might have noticed that my bedroom walls are dark gray. This paint is six months old and I've been remiss in updating you! Here is teaser for a FULL update that will come very soon!


  1. This looks AMAZING! I love the colors of the bowls you chose and the new wall color is great too! I'm inspired to attempt to take control of my jewelry in hopes of what I might discover. I particularly love all the new items on the wall above as well! Can't wait to see the rest of the bedroom B!

  2. GORGEOUS! If you want to do a full room/house tour, I'd love to see more photos. xx

  3. Love this! cant wait fot the full tour. your rug is AWESOME...where did you find that? I am in the middle of painting my bedroom what seems to be a gray identical to yours its called "cement gray" by martha stewart. i was planning to use some of my gold frames and i will for sure now after seeing yours. what a great look!

  4. Hi VivaCindy, Thank you so much!! I never would have thought that gold frames would work, but I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it out! The rug is from esale rugs (a site I found through LGN!), the paint is Benjamin Moore's Kendall Charcoal and I never would have found it on my own -- by best friend (and co-author of this blog) found it and painted her living room the color first!

  5. Inspiring...but I think I have more jewelry. Have incorporated a set of hat boxes I covered with the same wall paper in my room. Divided all bracelets by gold-silver-colored. Working on an idea for all my earriing to be hanging and easy to see. Neckklaces on a coat rack with pegs. Think I may clean off the dresser now and use my Phaltzgraff bowls for what I wear most!!!!! Thanks for the idea!!! I have the Tea Rose collection and that matches my room great!!! Love pink!!!!!! Diane