Monday, May 7, 2012

I'll Have Another, please!

Halloooo Blythe!

Just back from the Bluegrass state where Jeff and I were visiting for some good old fashioned Derby magic! We didn't actually go to the track this year but we did a lot of celebrating with our family. Usually we have a big 'to-do' on Derby weekend, but this year we decided to keep it really low key and it was fantastic. Lord knows I love a big Derby party, but this was a nice change of pace. In fact, it was so laid back, I kinda forgot to take very many pics! Here's what I did remember to capture...

Twin spires welcome the guests!

The back deck at my parents current house before the party (they haven't moved yet). My absolute favorite place on the planet.

It was such a gorgeous day outside, we decided to bring a TV onto the deck, fancy!

No Derby party is complete without a winners pool. 

Lucky lady that I am, I got to hang out with my cousin's daughter, Georgia, who I haven't seen since she was about 4 months old! I'm in love. PS... Best Name Ever.

Then it was time to celebrate, not just because Aunt Bridgette won the pool, but because big stuff is happening in our family...

My brother became a Colonel in the United States Army last week! No big deal. Or the coolest thing ever. 

Missed having you and Dukester on the deck celebrating. Some of my favorite memories are of our voyages to Kentucky for the Greatest Two Minutes in Sports. Maybe next year!

Go Baby Go!
PS... You can check out all the Derby fanciness here.


  1. A piece of my heart aches each year I watch the Derby from somewhere other than the great state of Kentucky! When it comes to another Derby at the track....yes! "I'll have another!"

  2. Ha! Sorry, posted that from my work account....hence the formality! - Mrs. Sargent a.k.a. Dukester