Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Long Weekend!

Dear Deweese,

Wow! So, so green! I can't believe those were taken inside of a city limits. Literally, nature outside your doorstep... curvy-font trail signs and all. Amazing.

So. Who is ready for the holiday weekend?

What? Isn't that what "Easy Chair Reclining Highchairs" are for? This photo was taken during a vacation Deweese and I took together last Memorial Day (we rented a house outfitted for a baby, but there were no babies present, I promise!).  Turns out, high chair cup holders are the perfect height for a beer when standing at happy hours!

Anyway, readers, what are your plans this weekend? Nick and I are staycation-ing it and so excited. Tonight I'm making pesto. We also plan to spend a day in Brooklyn and later go out for a date at our favorite neighborhood restaurant.  And no doubt there will be park time!

Deweese has informed me that she plans to pool hop. Which makes me miss DC... the place where I lived in multiple apartment buildings that actually had pools. Sigh. Thank goodness I took advantage of it.

Hockney, The Bigger Splash, 1967
Image via Slashart

Here's some Memorial Day Candy to get you through the slow pre-holiday-weekend-Friday draaaag:
  • You should probably make some ice cream in your food processor. I might!
  • Last night, Nick and I split 'ino's Tuffled Egg Toast. Nick, after a couple of glasses of wine, coined it one of the best things ... he's EVER EATEN. Excuse me? Learn about it here: 

  • With your ice cream and egg toast, you might want some music. While I was totally exhausted by it in the end, I have to admit, I miss The Voice. If you're like me, then you should spend the $1.29 and download Roxanne. You won't regret its annoying-at-first-and-then-totally-addictive-sound.
  • Speaking of which, Nick and I brought back this addictive song on the blaring repeat in our abode. Again, Levine's whine is annoying at first, but then kind awesome in way that blends with others like, dare I say it, Stevie's?


PS: Also, I should tell you, I've been working really hard on my jewelry organization and would say I'm about 90% done. I can't wait to show you...along with more bedroom updates, SOON!


  1. The way you wrote the second half of this post reminds me of "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie!" (Possibly because I was reading it to my cousins last week!) Either way, happy long weekend to you ladies!

  2. Lucy! Had to comment back right away. That's my favorite children's book! And I had the EXACT same thought while writing it and so I decided to keep it going. Hilarious.