Friday, May 11, 2012

Do you tango?


I'm totally pickin' up what you're puttin' down regarding original art. One of the best things about etsy in my mind is that original art has become so much more accessible and thus affordable! I'll have to take some pics of the few pieces of original art in our home and post them next week. Thanks for the inspiration.

Do you remember that in December of last year, Pantone came out with their "Color of the Year" for 2012? In case you missed it folks, we're all supposed to be crushing on 'Tangerine Tango" this year. Hope you got the memo and haven't been decked out in purple or something. The horror!

My boss wrote about it on her blog last year, but I haven't thought about it too much since, until I saw pics from the Met Gala earlier this week. ORANGE! The celebs were definitely falling in line with Pantone's dictation that we love orange, and I think they nailed it.

Credit: Getty; WireImage; Abaca; Celebrity Photo
More celebs in orange:

Startraks Photo (2); Getty Images (2)

Though my boss was a little non-plussed over tangerine, I love it, and have been decorating with it forever (ahead of the curve or has it just finally circled back?).

Their Majesties-Part 2
And I just remembered this gorgeous orange flower from last week, tangerine is everywhere!

So gang, what's the deal. Are you on board, or holding out for next year?


PS... see more Met Gala photos here. Delish.

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  1. Dear ladies,

    I am glad the fashion and decoration people have acknowledged that orange is the way to go in 2012. And how could they not? The European Championships for soccer will start in a few weeks, and let's not forget the Olympics in July/August! Now I can finally find something sexy that is also orange for London 2012, just so I can cheer on the Dutch teams in style!