Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend collage

Happy Monday, B!

So glad that your new no-poo shampoo is working! Your hair looks awesome!

I went to a work event last week to hear Charlotte Moss speak about interior design. She has a new book coming out this fall about scrapbooking which sounds mildly interesting. I'm not a scrapbooker by any means, but it did inspire me to put a collage together of my weekend for you!

Oh, you wanna know what it all means? Ok...

I got my hair cut (chopped really) in an effort to get rid of my unruly layers and start growing my hair out all at one length. I took this photo of Emily Blunt as my inspiration. I wish the result was a little more Emily Blunt, but it'll do for now. Then I met Lil' Q at the Shake Shack in Dupont where I had still not eaten. It was DELISH! Thank you for exporting! Lil' Q came over for a sleepover (since Jeff was with Nick and the guys at the shore all weekend) and we caught up on trashy TV, including the new ABC series 'Scandal' which I of course am now adding to DVR... cause I need another show. At least it takes place in DC!

Lil' Q and I rode out to Leesburg to meet our cousins S and S and our friend J to do a little shopping at the outlets there. Since there isn't a radio in the Jeep, Lil' Q  acted as our DJ and picked the tunes, including 'Home' by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. I had heard the song before and liked it, but never seen the video (No, I didn't watch the video while I was driving). The way the vocalists speak to each other in the song reminds me of Johnny Cash and June Carter which I love. I also got this cute blue skirt at the JCrew outlet. Yummy. On my way home from dropping Lil' Q off, I heard this interesting piece on NPR based on a New Yorker article about nostalgia and the 'Forty-Year Itch', really interesting if you have time to read it. Then Saturday night, I met up with DH to catch a showing of 'Salmon Fishing in the Yemen' at E Street. It was really good and we both enjoyed it. Then home to read more of Jeffrey Eugenides' new-ish book 'The Marriage Plot'. Loving it.

I loved the piece on CBS Sunday Morning about The Black Keys. They're so damn likable! I've had them on my iPod for a while, but started listening to them again yesterday (not even the most recent album) and fell in love with them again. At noon, I met CDub at Paul on Penn which I had been dying to try and it didn't disappoint! We'll have to go next time you're in town. Then off to Anthro to browse where I fell in love with this flea market book. The pictures are amazing. Gotta add that to my pinterest books board. DH, I know you're reading this, sign up for pinterest right now! I also stopped by Forever 21 where I had a store credit and time to kill before Jeff got home. I got that cute lil' maxi dress and the hot pink necklace above. I love a $16 dress! Then home to watch 60 Minutes (the emeralds!) and Mad Men before putting this busy weekend to rest!

Whew! How was YOUR weekend!?!?


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  1. Oh Lady D! Soul mate status strikes again - I did a Scandal marathon yesterday (I've been saving it) and it's goooood... We haven't had a good saucy drama in a while so it's def DVR worthy. Also loved The Marriage Plot and want a full debrief when you finish! xo Lori