Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Random Wednesday Tidbits!


Thanks for the suggestions! Nothing is more fun than checking out a blog for the first time!

So yesterday marked my second year being married to this handsome gent!

Here's my post from last year's anniversary, as well my recap on our anniversary trip to Hudson, NY. This year we kept it low key and went out for a cozy little Italian dinner. Really, what is better than pasta and red wine on a drizzling evening?

Switching gears completely, I wanted to share some thoughts on two topics majorly buzzin' on the internet recently.

1. Beyonce's Tumblr. 
I love this and decided I don't care that its really narcissistic. She is so beautiful and I love her lean toward a more natural look in these photos. Its interesting that someone who famously kept her day-to-day family life private is opening up in this way.  Do you think that more and more celebs just have to open up to stay popular? Or do you think that there are just so many new ways for celebs to do it in the way they want to (visually on a tumblr vs. an interview?). Regardless, I can't stop looking at this beautiful photo!

 The pastels, the composition, the natural poses.  It reminds me of when you put on comfy clothes after a day at the beach, open up a bottle of wine, and settle in for some great conversation with loved ones as the sun sets! That is one of my favorite things in the whole world.

2. Ashley Judd on her face. 
This could be seen as a rebuttal to the beauty-based tumblr that is Beyonce, but regardless, I am equally fascinated. What do you think?  I'm captivated by what she says about how women play a role in patriarchy too. Gotta say, reality TV gives us lots of examples of that!

Ok, so there's my two random shares! Would love to know every one's thoughts!


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