Monday, April 2, 2012

More wallpaper... for your computer!

Hi B,

What's up? How was your weekend? Mine was great and weird all at the same time.

Great: Jeff and I had friends and family over to watch the UofL/UK match up. The result was disappointing, but we had a great time, and Jeff made some mean BBQ. We also saw Hunger Games starring our gal JLaw, which I really enjoyed.

Weird: On Saturday we woke up at 6am to a giant 100 yard crane being erected in front of our apartment. They were doing something to the building across the street, but needless to say, a crane that big is preeeetty loud. Then on Sunday, hoping to be able to sleep in, we were AGAIN awakened at 6am, but this time because of a terrible car crash literally outside our window. I won't burden you with the details, everyone seemed ok, but again, no sleep and really terrifying to wake up to the sound of metal crashing. And how odd two mornings in a row at the very same time! Ug!

Anyway, between no sleep and allergies due to all of this and this.... I'm a little out of it. So on this fine Monday morning I leave you with a little art, to jump start your week.

Did you happen to see all of these fun desktop wallpapers on Refinery 29? The DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities collected images from public art all over town and created downloadable desktop wallpapers. What a great way to bring art into your daily life.

I've had Top Slewing by Jessica Van Brakle up for a while...

...but I just changed to Peto and the Mountain by Kirk Waldroff. All that desert air seems like a nice contrast to all of the pollen floating around here.

I know I'm a broken record... but did you see the 60 Minutes piece on the contemporary art world last night? What a market!


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