Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Jewelry Organization

Hi Deweese,

WHAT a weird weekend is right! Hope you are feeling better soon. I love the backgrounds, makes the week that much more creative.

So D, I am need of some serious jewelry organization help.  Here is a snap shot of my jewelry station... a major work-in-progress...

That center one is literally a giant mound of jewelry with no organization. Does anyone have any great tips that have worked for them? If you (and our readers) give me some advice then I promise I will show the reveal when I am done with my makeover!

Here's where I am: I know that I don't want a jewelry tree and if I hang my necklaces I want to be sure they are hung in a way that doesn't damage them (ie. in a way that doesn't put a lot of pressure on them like a single nail). 

Here are some photos I've been looking at on Pinterest for inspiration:

Via: Pinterest
I love the bust and I think its a great way to display necklaces in a gentle way. Must have.

Martha Stewart
This image has been around the internet for years. But I think what is great about it is that the small containers keep things separated.


I wear a lot of chunky jewelry, so some bigger bowls and trays could be good. 


I would love to hang my favorite necklaces on the wall. I like how they used two nails, again for a gentler solution!

Via Young House Love

This looks great and just seems really doable. I love it! 

Any ideas?



  1. You don't want a forest of jewelry trees!? I completely understand that as mine is a constant source of mess/dust/clutter/entanglement. This post is inspiring me! I love the bust and the tray for the rings with the beans (?) in it!

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