Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Beauty Notes


Happy Friday! Today I bring you some beauty notes:

First off, I wanted to give everyone the hair update.  So, I decided to go with the curly hair salon in NYC, none other than Devachansalon. I made an appointment to get the Corinne Bailey Rae.

So here's what happened.  My stylist 100% talked me out of the Corinne. He told me that with my hair it could go soccer mom... really fast. That's a scary term to a curly cue like myself, so we talked and talked. Did I mention that I NEVER talk to stylists? Seriously, I usually sit there awkwardly not knowing what to say and wondering why everyone around me seems to be all bosom buddies with their stylists.

So, we decided that I since I havent had a haircut in 6 months that perhaps I should get my hair healthy and try a good curly haircut first. He suggested long layers, which bummed me out. I mean, I have never heard another suggestion when it comes to my hair. EVER. Sigh.

But, I decided to trust him. He took his time with my hair and I can really tell. Its so much healthier, bouncier and happier!

The deal at Deva is you pay a hefty price, but you get a great product! I'm usually a major bargin hunter when it comes to haircuts, so for me to say it was worth it (especially when I got a normal cut) is kind of a big deal. Here is a picture of it (sorry its not that clear):

And, D, you probably won't be surprised, but he too talked to me about the "no poo" thing. When you first mentioned it I thought you meant dry shampoo.... which I think is a bad option for me.  But this no poo thing is GENIUS! Thank you for telling me about it.  You might need to sit down when you read this, but I actually bought some (from Ricky's, where its much cheaper but still hugely pricey for me)! I dont know whats going on with me, must be the recent big birthday!

I highly recommend this for other curly-haired people. (Everyone can buy some here) But keep in mind that I am still a newbie! No Poo has no lather and no soap, per se, so it doesn't strip the natural oils from your head/hair.  Basically, what I have been doing is soaping out all my natural oils and then trying to put them back in with product. Stoo-pid! Verdict so far: my curls are much softer and my scalp feels amazing! 

Ok, and so closing out my beauty notes for today I wanted to share that I am Birchbox's newest member! Lori Love gifted me a subscription for my birthday (best gift ever!) and I already got my first box in the mail. For those of you who don't know, each month Birchbox sends its members samples of new beauty products catered to their beauty profile (red hair, combination skin, for example). Makeup, perfume, double-stick tape. Oh my. 

D: When did I get so girly? Who cares, this is FUN!  



  1. I've been using a cleansing balm (aka no poo) as well for the past couple of months. My sylist talked me into it and it reminded me of Pantene + days (you mean it's shampoo + conditioner in one?!?) But I agree, I absolutely notice a difference in my hair, it's so much shinier and easier to manage. I've been using a Loreal Professional one if anyone else is looking for another brand or can't find the Deva near them!

  2. I have to say that the best advice I got from a hair stylist is that you can tell the skill of a stylist by how the hair grows out. If your style looks good months after getting a hair cut, then you've got a great stylist. Sometimes $$ makes a good cut, but not always.

    I'm a huge proponent of talking and talking and talking to your stylist about what you want and what you're willing to do to get there. And more importantly, making sure your stylist listens. I just fired my old stylist because she stopped listening to what I wanted, and did what she wanted/thought I wanted. Good luck with this one - it looks like a great cut!

  3. Love the new doo! and the no poo! I've been dying to try no poo but have been hesitant to try and concoct my own, all of the articles say it's simple, but I'm hesitant so I love these options that you can buy instead. Is Deva only for curly hair? or is that just a curly hair specific version?

  4. I totally agree Lori, I've tried mixing my own apple cider vinegar and water for conditioner and baking soda for shampoo but to no avail!

    Lauren: Did you and Shannon break up!?!?!!?!

  5. Oh, cool! I am friends with the editorial director at Birchbox. Happy Friday and enjoy the lovely new 'do!

  6. I love deva curl products! Especially the arc angel styling product. Super jealous you got a cut there. And of course looks gorgeous!