Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Recap: "Las Chicas"


Phew! WHAT a weekend.  I had so much fun with you. To fill everyone in, D and I had a little reunion weekend with some very special women.  Back in 2006, Deweese and I traveled to Argentina with Deweese's mom and 3 of her close friends.  It was an incredible trip and we have forever coined ourselves "Las Chicas".  Here are some pictures:

This is me and D literally drooling over the jewelry! 

So we decided to have a lil' reunion weekend this past weekend in NYC! Despite all of the crazy schedules, all but one of us could make it. We missed Deweese's Godmother Raleigh so, so much and her having to miss it just gives us a reason to plan another reunion very soon!

So here are some pics and notes from our epic weekend...

The weekend got started early with Deweese arriving at my place on Thursday evening. She gifted me some amazing little neon arm candy that I wore all weekend and plan to wear all summer (Deweese always comes bearing a "little something" for me... aren't I lucky?):

Then on Friday the ladies toured the Frick Collection (a favorite of mine, too!) and then had coffee at the famed Neue Gallery cafe.  After work, I met them at Recipe where we sipped Pimm's Cups and commented on how COLD it was outside! I had butternut squash soup which felt strange for an almost-May evening.

On Saturday morning Nick and I hosted a brunch so "Las Chicas" could see the apartment and meet Ernie. Let's face it, meeting Ernie was at the top of this cat-loving crowd's agenda.  Here are some of the photos from that:

We then saw a matinee of "Other Desert Cities", which we all loved. Seriously, everyone should see it! The difficult subject matter made for some tear-jerking moments, but its really powerful and moving. Stockard Channing was especially amazing.

By Sunday we had to say goodbye to half of our our crew but the remaining chicas partied on. First up was meeting DH and her mom for coffee (was it a mother/daughter convention in NYC?) and we got to sit outside!! The colder weather on Friday made Sunday's gorgeousness SO appreciated.  We then checked out the Terracotta Warriors at the Discovery Center, made a trip to The High Line, and ate lunch from Eatly in Madison Square Park. Ya know, visitors-in-town kinda stuff. Very fun!

Overall it was an incredible weekend filled lots of adventures and laughs.  Deweese's mother met the two other women on this trip in the registration line at law school in 1974 and have been kickin' it "las chicas" style ever since. They've traveled to countless places, helped each other through life's ups and downs, and laughed a lot along the way.

Needless to say, they are a huge inspiration to me about so many things but most of all about the power of friendship.


Friday, April 27, 2012

Guest Post: Melissa's natural beauty products!

Happy Friday Readers!

Today, we're bringing your our first ever guest post! Blythe's cousin Melissa (you may remember her bedroom) wrote to us with some product recommendations for our friends and family who are expecting as well as those of us who aren't expecting... awesome beauty tips for all! Thanks, Melissa!

Melissa, Finn and #2 on the way, due later this summer!

At the beginning of my first pregnancy, I read the book The Complete Organic Pregnancy.  Listen to me closely.  If you are pregnant, do not read this book.  If you are thinking of becoming pregnant, do not read this book.  It will scare the bejesus out of you and convince you to live in a bubble for nine months.  

But, the book did convince me to take a good look at some of the things I was putting in and on my body and I did do a bit of an overhaul.   

One of the main places that I focused my overhaul was on the beauty products that I use.  Anything that was being absorbed into my skin I took a really close look at.  

Let’s face it, no matter what society leads you to believe, being pregnant does not feel goddess-like when you are going through it.  Your skin is out of whack, your hair changes texture, you are bloated and a host of other things that we don’t need to get into here.   During this time, using products that I felt comfortable with and made me feel good were really important and worth a splurge.

So here goes, my ultimate pregnancy beauty product roundup:

Starting with that growing body: 

Weleda Stretch Mark Oil: No joke, when I was in the hospital to deliver my son, the nurses were all commenting on my perfect, stretch mark free, smooth skinned stomach.  These ladies see a lot of preggo bellies, so I’ll use them as my testament that this stuff works wonders.  It absorbs quickly and smells pleasant (smells are SO important as your nose becomes super strength).    This pregnancy I have switched to using Mamma Mio oil for no reason other than Gwyneth herself recommended it - I like it very very much, although a little more expensive than the Weleda. 

Body Lotion: During both of my pregnancies my skin was incredibly dry.  I went through lotion at a rapid pace.  In an effort to find something that didn’t drain my wallet I started using Alba Botanica lotion.  It’s great, not too wallet busting, and all natural.  

Face Care:

During both of my pregnancies, my skin was incredibly dry and splotchy.  I know a lot of people suffer from acne during this time, and I have a great product to help with that too, but for my dry, red skin, this Say Yes to Carrots facial moisturizer is pretty awesome.  It’s cooling and not at all heavy.  (although I have been paying $18 at Duane Reade and now this post has made me rage.  I hate you NYC prices).  

For a cleanser, I like to use something mild during my pregnancies, since my skin does tend to be so dry.  This little Boscia gem gets rid of all the NYC debris, but never ever dries out my skin.  

To help combat said redness, I use this Josie Maran foundation.  It has argan oil in it, which again helps calm red, dry skin and this stuff literally makes my skin look flawless.  I would buy stock in this product if I could.  

For those of you that do have issues with acne during pregnancy, I use this as a spot treatment.  No nasty stuff in here, so it’s safe to use (unlike over the counter acne treatments during pregnancy).  I love the entire Boscia line, so anything you grab from here will be amazing.  

Now that it’s getting close to summer, I want a natural spf for my face.  I thought this would be a challenge, but a friend just recommended I try John Masters.  I’m running out at lunch today to purchase this and will let you know how I like it!  

That’s it – these are my favorite products that make me feel a little pretty every day.  I’d love to hear any additional recommendations that your readers have!

Thanks, Melissa!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Blythe's Weekend Recap

Hey Deweese!

Your weekend sounded amazing! So much girly fun. I've wanted to read The Marriage Plot for a while--will you give us a review when your finished? Also, I love that skirt. So great and just the right color!

I thought I'd keep with the trend and update you on my weekend.

I spent it in my home state of NH celebrating Brinie's baby shower. That's right, the sofa search has been put on hold while Brinie and her husband prepare for a baby! Here's us with our very dearest high school friends:

The shower took place at Brinie's parents house/farm where Brinie's mom has horses and raises chickens! All the food for the shower was made from scratch by Brinie's mom. We dined on such delectables as caprese sliders and peanut butter cupcakes!

Then I went just down the street to Amily's beautiful 1800's home. We went to check out her progress on the nursery. And D, this lady moves quickly! Check it out:

She went with the "Bee" paint and plans to change out the curtains as soon as she knows what gender baby she has.  It's looking awesome Amily, can't wait to see the final product!

After that I rounded out a great day by lounging and drinking prosecco with my girlfriends (a bday present for me and Lori with ribbons in our favorite colors)...

And kicked off the evening by blasting and belting Firework on the way to out to dinner in Manchester (Republic, delish, check it out, NHites!):

And then I promised myself I'd visit home more often.

Now I can't wait to see YOU this weekend. I feel so lucky for the amazing friends in my life lately. It's cheesy, but as is turns out, it's healthy (tell me you are watching GIRLS so we can discuss).


Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend collage

Happy Monday, B!

So glad that your new no-poo shampoo is working! Your hair looks awesome!

I went to a work event last week to hear Charlotte Moss speak about interior design. She has a new book coming out this fall about scrapbooking which sounds mildly interesting. I'm not a scrapbooker by any means, but it did inspire me to put a collage together of my weekend for you!

Oh, you wanna know what it all means? Ok...

I got my hair cut (chopped really) in an effort to get rid of my unruly layers and start growing my hair out all at one length. I took this photo of Emily Blunt as my inspiration. I wish the result was a little more Emily Blunt, but it'll do for now. Then I met Lil' Q at the Shake Shack in Dupont where I had still not eaten. It was DELISH! Thank you for exporting! Lil' Q came over for a sleepover (since Jeff was with Nick and the guys at the shore all weekend) and we caught up on trashy TV, including the new ABC series 'Scandal' which I of course am now adding to DVR... cause I need another show. At least it takes place in DC!

Lil' Q and I rode out to Leesburg to meet our cousins S and S and our friend J to do a little shopping at the outlets there. Since there isn't a radio in the Jeep, Lil' Q  acted as our DJ and picked the tunes, including 'Home' by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. I had heard the song before and liked it, but never seen the video (No, I didn't watch the video while I was driving). The way the vocalists speak to each other in the song reminds me of Johnny Cash and June Carter which I love. I also got this cute blue skirt at the JCrew outlet. Yummy. On my way home from dropping Lil' Q off, I heard this interesting piece on NPR based on a New Yorker article about nostalgia and the 'Forty-Year Itch', really interesting if you have time to read it. Then Saturday night, I met up with DH to catch a showing of 'Salmon Fishing in the Yemen' at E Street. It was really good and we both enjoyed it. Then home to read more of Jeffrey Eugenides' new-ish book 'The Marriage Plot'. Loving it.

I loved the piece on CBS Sunday Morning about The Black Keys. They're so damn likable! I've had them on my iPod for a while, but started listening to them again yesterday (not even the most recent album) and fell in love with them again. At noon, I met CDub at Paul on Penn which I had been dying to try and it didn't disappoint! We'll have to go next time you're in town. Then off to Anthro to browse where I fell in love with this flea market book. The pictures are amazing. Gotta add that to my pinterest books board. DH, I know you're reading this, sign up for pinterest right now! I also stopped by Forever 21 where I had a store credit and time to kill before Jeff got home. I got that cute lil' maxi dress and the hot pink necklace above. I love a $16 dress! Then home to watch 60 Minutes (the emeralds!) and Mad Men before putting this busy weekend to rest!

Whew! How was YOUR weekend!?!?


Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Beauty Notes


Happy Friday! Today I bring you some beauty notes:

First off, I wanted to give everyone the hair update.  So, I decided to go with the curly hair salon in NYC, none other than Devachansalon. I made an appointment to get the Corinne Bailey Rae.

So here's what happened.  My stylist 100% talked me out of the Corinne. He told me that with my hair it could go soccer mom... really fast. That's a scary term to a curly cue like myself, so we talked and talked. Did I mention that I NEVER talk to stylists? Seriously, I usually sit there awkwardly not knowing what to say and wondering why everyone around me seems to be all bosom buddies with their stylists.

So, we decided that I since I havent had a haircut in 6 months that perhaps I should get my hair healthy and try a good curly haircut first. He suggested long layers, which bummed me out. I mean, I have never heard another suggestion when it comes to my hair. EVER. Sigh.

But, I decided to trust him. He took his time with my hair and I can really tell. Its so much healthier, bouncier and happier!

The deal at Deva is you pay a hefty price, but you get a great product! I'm usually a major bargin hunter when it comes to haircuts, so for me to say it was worth it (especially when I got a normal cut) is kind of a big deal. Here is a picture of it (sorry its not that clear):

And, D, you probably won't be surprised, but he too talked to me about the "no poo" thing. When you first mentioned it I thought you meant dry shampoo.... which I think is a bad option for me.  But this no poo thing is GENIUS! Thank you for telling me about it.  You might need to sit down when you read this, but I actually bought some (from Ricky's, where its much cheaper but still hugely pricey for me)! I dont know whats going on with me, must be the recent big birthday!

I highly recommend this for other curly-haired people. (Everyone can buy some here) But keep in mind that I am still a newbie! No Poo has no lather and no soap, per se, so it doesn't strip the natural oils from your head/hair.  Basically, what I have been doing is soaping out all my natural oils and then trying to put them back in with product. Stoo-pid! Verdict so far: my curls are much softer and my scalp feels amazing! 

Ok, and so closing out my beauty notes for today I wanted to share that I am Birchbox's newest member! Lori Love gifted me a subscription for my birthday (best gift ever!) and I already got my first box in the mail. For those of you who don't know, each month Birchbox sends its members samples of new beauty products catered to their beauty profile (red hair, combination skin, for example). Makeup, perfume, double-stick tape. Oh my. 

D: When did I get so girly? Who cares, this is FUN!  


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Out with the old


Looks like you really did have the perfect birthday celebration!

Now that you're old like me, I'd like to dedicate this post to all things old... including space shuttles and crosswalk signs.


That's right, big stuff happening here in DC. Yesterday the now retired space shuttle Discovery flew over DC (bit of a coup in a town full of restricted air space) as part of its last journey from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida to its new permanent home at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum (the one in Dulles, VA).

As you can imagine it was quite a sight to be seen! Strapped to the back of a 747, the shuttle did two low laps around the city and the rooftops were full of viewers (I missed it, but Jeff got to see it).

Source: NASA
Source: NASA

Check out the awesome photos from the Post here.

Best quote I've heard in a long time... our neighbor's co-worker wasn't aware of the historic event taking place: "I got of the Metro and there were two planes having sex in the sky, what was that?"

 And another ending... someone alerted me to the slow removal of old crosswalk signs in DC...

to this newer and more modern image...

Now I'm not saying this didn't need to be done or that the image of two women crossing the street with skirts and purses (and a mock turtleneck?) isn't outdated, but sometimes it is a little sad to see old things disappear.

Ever since I learned about this, I'm always searching for the old signs. Makes for a weird car ride with me sometimes "Look, the ladies!", but it's kinda fun to be on the lookout for this fading graphic.

Times are changing' my friend. We're in our 30s, there are no operating space shuttles, there are no more skirts at crosswalks and those kids and their music!


Don't worry, a shuttle of your very own will be in NYC next week!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Birthday Recap

Hi Deweese,

Hope you had a great weekend -- it was gorgeous here, and I really lucked out on that, since it was my 30th birthday!

I had a great day on Saturday that started with Nick blasting this, then a manicure and pedicure (in Mint Candy Apple!), and then off to my favorite thing to do in the whole word. A picnic in Central Park:

Melissa's little one and basically my best friend, Finn!

Full of all my favorites: friends, grapefruit soda, guacamole with red onion, baguette + nutella, and even some delicious homemade cookies courtesy of Sarah!

Nick upgraded my phone situation for my birthday, so expect a lot more instagram-ing! Now I've been looking at new cases. Check out some of the ones I've pinned!

*Left, Center, Right


Friday, April 13, 2012

AFI Greatest Movies of ALL TIME!


HAPPY Anniversary! Glad you guys had such a nice evening. Truly nothing better than Italian on a drizzly evening... actually, any evening!

Jeff and I decided a few weeks ago to challenge ourselves to watch all of the AFI 100 greatest movies of all time. Yes, I realize this is insane. Netflix makes it easy to add them all to your queue, too, so we're starting with 100 and working our way towards 1. We have to watch all of them in order, even if we've seen them before, and we each get 1 "out". Mine is 'Clockwork Orange'. I saw it in my high school Psych class and I still think about it every time I use an eyelash curler. Eeeeek!

Jeff was talking to Nick about it and Nick suggested that we really try to watch each film in the context in which it was created, especially the older films. You can't watch Ben-Hur, expecting 2012 standards. Good advice, Nicky.

So we started last week with Ben-Hur... appropriate for Easter weekend. I had never seen the whole thing (4 HOURS!), and it doesn't disappoint in the epic department. It is nothing if not epic. The story, the costumes, the sets. Epic. I don't know that I'll ever sit down and watch the whole thing again, but I'm glad I've seen it.

Then last night we watched number 99: Toy Story. A litttttle different from Ben-Hur. I had never seen it and I loved it! "That's Mister Potato Head to you!"

Next up, Yankee Doodle Dandee. Quite the eclectic mix, huh! If anything, we're both gonna be great at Trivial Pursuit. I hope we can make it through all 100!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Random Wednesday Tidbits!


Thanks for the suggestions! Nothing is more fun than checking out a blog for the first time!

So yesterday marked my second year being married to this handsome gent!

Here's my post from last year's anniversary, as well my recap on our anniversary trip to Hudson, NY. This year we kept it low key and went out for a cozy little Italian dinner. Really, what is better than pasta and red wine on a drizzling evening?

Switching gears completely, I wanted to share some thoughts on two topics majorly buzzin' on the internet recently.

1. Beyonce's Tumblr. 
I love this and decided I don't care that its really narcissistic. She is so beautiful and I love her lean toward a more natural look in these photos. Its interesting that someone who famously kept her day-to-day family life private is opening up in this way.  Do you think that more and more celebs just have to open up to stay popular? Or do you think that there are just so many new ways for celebs to do it in the way they want to (visually on a tumblr vs. an interview?). Regardless, I can't stop looking at this beautiful photo!

 The pastels, the composition, the natural poses.  It reminds me of when you put on comfy clothes after a day at the beach, open up a bottle of wine, and settle in for some great conversation with loved ones as the sun sets! That is one of my favorite things in the whole world.

2. Ashley Judd on her face. 
This could be seen as a rebuttal to the beauty-based tumblr that is Beyonce, but regardless, I am equally fascinated. What do you think?  I'm captivated by what she says about how women play a role in patriarchy too. Gotta say, reality TV gives us lots of examples of that!

Ok, so there's my two random shares! Would love to know every one's thoughts!


Monday, April 9, 2012

Monthly blog faves: What are YOU reading?


Dear Readers,

We want your help! This month, instead of sharing with you our  monthly blog faves, we want to know which blogs you're reading right now!

We're not limited to design/lifestyle blogs. Parenting blogs, man blogs, culinary... let us know what's keeping you tickled this month.