Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Springtime Part Two: NYC Edition

Hola Deweese and Happy Birthday Anna and Atty!

Nick and I were inspired by your beautiful cherry blossom shots last week and decided to leave a little extra time on our walk to a birthday party this weekend in order to snap some shots of the neighborhood flowers.

We also stopped into Lexington Candy Shop for a cup of coffee and stepped back in time. Next time: soda made on the spot.

On our walk Nick and I noticed how much more enjoyable it was to leave lots of extra time to get somewhere. We just noticed more...we stopped to read the menu of new restaurant, looked in the windows, etc. With so much rushing around lately, it was a welcome reminder to slooooow down.

PS: I can't believe how COLD it is now, these photos seem years away!
PPS: Diane's book is very interesting! I like it and it also makes me sad. Stay tuned for a less scatterbrained review.

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