Friday, March 2, 2012

Phone-A-Friend: Laura's Living Room ... REVEALED!

Happy Friday, Everyone!

One of the things that you asked for on our survey was more reveals from our Phone-A-Friend series. We agree! Seeing what people end up choosing is super fascinating! Luckily, Blythe's sister-in-law, Laura, not only gave us a mid-way update, she now has a reveal for us! Waaa-hoo!

Check out the original Phone-A-Friend here.

And the mid-way here.

Now... drum roll please...the BIG REVEAL:


And her email to us:


I cannot thank you enough for all your advice, suggestions, etc. for our living room. We've completed the room and I am in love with it!  We couldn't have done it without you!
Original things we kept in the room:
TV: Samsung LED 40inch
Bookcase: Loft Living
Row boat canvas: Home Goods
Recommended directly from 75thandsedgwick:
Chairs: West Elm
Coffee table: CB2
Lamp: CB2
Other additions:
Throw Pillows & Blanket: West Elm (We purchased the chairs on a West Elm credit card so we got reward "Design Dollars" so the pillows and blanket were basically free!!)
Sideboard: Crate & Barrel (We decided to go for something that would fully hide all toys, clutter, etc and keep them away from the cats. This sideboard fit the bill and fit the space so well!)

Curtains: IKEA (Similar to those recommended by 75thandsedgwick from West Elm. I was organizing our linen closet and found these curtains that we bought 3 years ago when we moved in to our house! I don't remember where we planned to put them, but I think they work great in the room and coordinate so well with our other decor, mostly the new throw pillows. I HATED our old curtains, they were so yellow. I also prefer having the curtains mounted fully above the window over the sliding glass door - makes the room feel bigger.) 

Curtain rod: Bed, Bath, & Beyond (new sturdy double curtain rod, you may notice the old bent cheap curtain rod in our "before" pictures. We put sheer white curtains on the inside rod. The rod coordinates well with the brushed metal dining lamp & pendant lamps we have in our kitchen),

Square art on canvas: Photo credits: Shermigan Photography (our photos via Instagram) Printed by: canvaspop (12x12 inches). Use this link for a special friend discount.

Vases on sideboard: Wagging Tails, Local thrift store 

Bowl on sideboard: Simon Pearce glass bowl (Christmas gift)

We also got one of our photographs printed on canvas (20x30 inches) from -- from Mack's Apples (YUMMY) in NH and hung it in our kitchen dining area. (This warms Blythe's heart!!)

Thanks again!  Can't wait to hear what you think!

Next decorating's room!! (so much fun!)

To Laura we say: BRAVO!! Looks incredible and we love all the links you shared!  Great idea to score points for accessories from store where you are going buy furniture. Especially when its a great place like West Elm that has so many different styles.

We can't wait to come over and enjoy the space!

PS... to the rest of our Phone-A-Friend friends, SEND US YOUR UPDATES!

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